Review : FSDG – Sylt P3D v6/v4

Review by Nadeem Z

Airport Overview

The long-awaited scenery from FSDG – Sylt is now released for P3D, located on the archipelago of
Sylt in Northern Germany and particularly near the Westerland Area. This small island airport is
known for its summer seasonal scheduled traffic to major German cities as well as general aviation
and gliding activities. Often served by prop linersto major German cities, the occasional jet Airbus
aircraft serves this airport from cities like Dusseldorf, Munich, and Frankfurt. The nearest larger
international airport is Billund Airport in Denmark, approx. 135 kilometers to the north.

Airport Features

FSDG Scenery has meticulously recreated Sylt Airport with attention to detail, offering a
comprehensive depiction of the simple airport design it presents. The scenery encompasses all
major airport buildings and basic landmarks around the outskirts – addons from companies such
as ORBX if installed will include major landmarks for this area. Custom 3D models and textures
bring the terminal buildings to life, while ground equipment and airport service vehicles add to
the sort of called “Real feel” to the airport environment. Dynamic lighting enhances the airport
terminal during the nighttime including basic runway lighting to the main 14/32 Runway which is
a contributing factor to the overall immersion of the airport landscape.

Modeling and Texturing

Upon closer examination, the terminal buildings and apron exhibit impressive detailing.
Nonetheless, the modeling is precise, capturing the essence of the German Archipelago and island
airport of Sylt Airport with accuracy. Ground markings, runway textures, and surrounding terrain
are all well represented using high quality textures which is a contributing factor to a visually
satisfying experience for P3D pilots. Features include Authentic light environment and seasonal
effects, P3D technologies (dynamic lighting, reflective textures), Additional landmarks in the area,
includes detailed hotels and objects around the Westerland promenade, Optimized for great
performance and visual results, Compatible with all known add-ons including GSX.

Final Feedback

In conclusion, this is such a nice airport to fly into with the smaller airbus fleet and especially with
the weather conditions that present a challenge due to the nature of the airport and surrounding
area. The textures and features give a nice feeling to the environment especially with supporting
addons such as Germany North products from ORBX and additionally the small fixes of the AFCAD
to enable to parking positions to utilize GSX fully is a must!
Thanks to the FSDG team for their great efforts in brining this and other sceneries to P3D. As I
mentioned in my last review, the next big airport I am very much looking forward to from FSDG is
Male VRMM (So I hope that wont be too far away) – Superb Job to the FSDG team for another
great scenery!

Review by Nadeem Z

➢ Highly detailed representation of Sylt Airport.
➢ Well-executed building models.
➢ Dynamic lighting effects enhance immersion.
➢ Attention to detail on runway textures and ground markings.
➢ Fix the AFCAD model to allow for parking positions at the airport and the use of GSX.
➢ Adding a GSX Profile to the scenery would also be a nice feature.
➢ Additional lighting around the vicinity for improved visibility at night.
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Publisher: Aerosoft
Price: EUR 10.92 (+ tax for EU customers)
AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
Nvidia GTX3080TI running 4K textures.
Prepar3D V5.4
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