PMDG 777-300ER Set for June Release!

The PMDG 777-300ER for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available for purchase on June 25, 2024, with possible backup dates extending to June 30 if needed for final adjustments. This marks the first time PMDG has assigned a release date to this product, following extensive internal testing to ensure the highest quality simulation experience. The 777-300ER is the first in a new line of PMDG 777 simulations, with additional models like the 777F, 777-200ER, and 777-200LR to be released in the future.

The PMDG 777-300ER boasts an array of technical features designed to provide an authentic simulation experience. Key among these is the inclusion of the Boeing Electronic Checklist, which encompasses all certified normal and abnormal procedures, aiding users in troubleshooting and ensuring proper aircraft operation. The simulation meticulously models all systems down to the component level, allowing real-time computation of temperatures, pressures, fluid flow rates, voltages, and more. Additionally, the product features an updated PMDG Universal Flight Tablet with new functionalities to support this major release, simBrief integration, and an advanced lateral pathing model for accurate navigation. The aircraft also includes a sophisticated tire wear simulation based on real-world manufacturer specifications, adding another layer of realism to the flying experience.

The development of the PMDG 777-300ER has incorporated feedback from previous PMDG products to enhance its accuracy and user experience. The simulation features a highly detailed cockpit using modern technologies such as lidar scanning and photogrammetry, ensuring visual and contextual precision. The aircraft’s systems are meticulously modeled, including an updated flight tablet, simBrief integration, and advanced lateral pathing. These elements combine to offer a realistic and immersive flight experience for both seasoned enthusiasts and casual simmers.

Further, the PMDG 777-300ER includes a complete 3D passenger cabin with realistic lighting and seating configurations, a robust failures model, and detailed exterior and sound models. The product promises regular updates and free enhancements as new features are developed for the entire 777 fleet. PMDG has also addressed common queries regarding pricing, marketplace availability, and compatibility with future Microsoft Flight Simulator versions, ensuring a seamless user experience. The company expresses gratitude to its dedicated customer base for their patience and support throughout the development process.

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