Flight Replicas – Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers MSFS

Would you like to live the thrill of operating from two iconic Royal Navy aircraft carriers from World War II ? It’s your opportunity to experience that with the Flight Replicas – Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers MSFS package available at SIMMARKET.

This package includes the HMS Indomitable, which serves as an ‘airport’, and the land-able HMS Formidable, both meticulously placed at six global locations to echo their historical operations: Malta, Gibraltar, Clyde (UK), Scapa Flow (UK), Diego Suarez (Madagascar), and Sydney (Australia). Designed for use with Flight Replicas Seafires (not included) and the free Kinetic Assistant app, these carriers offer a realistic experience for any MSFS aircraft.

To enhance authenticity, users should disable Real Weather, manually set cloud conditions, and adjust wind speeds to 20-35 knots down the deck. The Kinetic Assistant app facilitates realistic ‘trapped’ landings and catapult take-offs, with features like setting launch speed and tailhook landing times. This product uses SIMMARKET’s simInstaller technology for easy access post-purchase via their store app, promising a seamless integration into your MSFS experience.

💻 With Siminstaller = MSFS Auto-Install and Auto-Update via SIMMARKET app

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