FSexpo 2024 | Aerosoft – A330 MSFS Dev Status Update

Aerosoft’s A330 project for Microsoft Flight Simulator has undergone significant development, with multiple updates showcasing progress on various components. Initially leveraging a strong base from their A330 add-on for Prepar3D, which was based on older A320 series logic from FSX, Aerosoft encountered unexpected challenges as they began integrating new MSFS features. These challenges necessitated substantial redevelopment of systems, extending the project timeline.

Snapshots from late 2023 highlight specific advancements, such as new liveries, detailed engine mounts, fly-by-wire systems, heat blur, and contrail visual effects. Despite these visible improvements, the integration of complex automated systems like autopilot and electrical components required meticulous attention. Key issues included performance optimization when importing external flight plans and configuring the startup situation in the flight deck.

As of June 2024, Aerosoft reflected on the evolution of their A330 project, noting the incompatibility between MSFS’s native features and their existing codebase. This required extensive rebuilding of systems, likened to installing a turbine in a Cessna 172, where initial compatibility led to structural failures. This analogy underscores the complexity and the iterative nature of the development process, impacting the timeline significantly.

Looking forward, Aerosoft remains on schedule to release the A330 for the upcoming Flight Simulator 2024, with plans to test a beta version of the new simulator thoroughly. Depending on test outcomes, a version for FS2020 with a free update to FS2024 is possible. The commitment to release A330 variants for FS2020 with an upgrade path to FS2024 ensures that users will benefit from the continued evolution of the simulator.

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