FSexpo 2024 | Navigraph New Feature Reveal : Traffic

At FSexpo 2024, Navigraph is set to reveal a major new feature, “Traffic,” which will enhance the user experience with real-time traffic and ATC sector data. This feature will display information from various sources such as Navigraph users, VATSIM, IVAO, and ATC-controlled sectors. Users will be able to access detailed aircraft data, including true airspeed, ground speed, heading, altitude, and network ID. This feature is currently in active development and will be showcased through a live demo at the Navigraph booth during the FSexpo weekend.

Navigraph Charts, is their comprehensive tool for flight simulation enthusiasts, that covers advanced features. These include :

  • telemetry,
  • a SimBrief OFP (Operational Flight Plan) viewer,
  • ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service),
  • FAA sectionals,
  • satellite maps,
  • annotation scribble capability,
  • land cover data for VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flights,
  • and significant weather (SIGWX) charts.

Additionally, users can calculate and compare two different routes using SimBrief and utilize a takeoff and landing performance calculator, making flight planning and execution more precise and user-friendly.

Moreover, Navigraph is expanding its integration capabilities with a wide range of third-party applications and aircraft. This includes integrations with popular add-ons and aircraft such as the Black Square Beechcraft Duke, Active Sky ASFS, TDS GNTXi, iniBuilds A300-600R, Cockspur PH100, AeroMobil 3.0, Tecnam P2012 Traveller, FSR500, Fly The Maddog X, PMDG Universal Tablet, LatinVFR A330-900, FlightFX Honda Jet, Asobo ATR 42/72, Just Flight F28, and Hawk T1/A Trainer. These integrations will ensure that users have a seamless and enhanced flight simulation experience, with access to accurate and detailed data across various platforms and devices.

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