Spinoza – KSPG Albert Whitted MSFS in Florida

Albert Whitted Airport (KSPG) in St. Petersburg, Florida, is a historic public airport known for its significant role in the birth of scheduled commercial airline flight. In January 1914, a Benoist XIV flying boat from the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line, piloted by Tony Jannus, took off from the downtown waterfront, marking this milestone.

The airport is named after Lieutenant James Albert Whitted, a pioneering naval aviator who delighted many with his aerial maneuvers in his self-designed plane, the “Bluebird.” Covering 110 acres, the airport features two asphalt runways and hosts several aviation businesses, including St. Pete Air and Tampa Bay Aviation. Visitors can also enjoy meals at The Hangar Restaurant and relax in the Flight Lounge, adorned with beautiful murals.

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