PMDG – 777-300ER MSFS Released

The PMDG 777-300ER for Microsoft Flight Simulator is a meticulously crafted simulation of the Boeing airliner, designed to leverage the full capabilities of the MSFS platform. Priced at $77.73, this model offers a rich, detailed experience suitable for both new and experienced flight simulation enthusiasts. The aircraft’s features include a highly detailed flight deck, realistic avionics, and a comprehensive auto-flight system, all aimed at providing an authentic piloting experience. The simulation also includes a fully animated and interactive cockpit, complete with advanced lighting, electronic checklists, and a universal flight tablet for enhanced flight management.

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This simulation model accurately replicates the Boeing 777-300ER’s performance and systems, including the hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems, as well as the aircraft’s braking and tire wear. The aircraft’s physical attributes, such as wing flex and engine pylon movement, are modeled with precision using Lidar scanning and photogrammetry. Additionally, the model includes hundreds of potential mechanical failures and maintenance features, ensuring a highly immersive and realistic simulation environment. Ground services are fully integrated, providing a comprehensive preflight preparation experience.

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Furthermore, the PMDG 777-300ER features a detailed passenger cabin with dynamic lighting and seating arrangements, adding to the realism of long-haul flights. The aircraft supports Navigraph data for accurate navigation and incorporates innovative features like PMDG’s Auto-Cruise mechanism, which allows for stable time-compressed long-range flights. With continuous updates planned, PMDG ensures that this product remains up-to-date, offering a high-quality and immersive flight simulation experience.

PMDG 777-300ER MSFS Official Trailer

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