Aerosoft – Mt. Everest Airports Vol. 2 MSFS

Pack up your luggage to test your pilot skills with the challenging airports of Phaplu and Kangel Danda included in Aerosoft’s Mt. Everest Airports Vol. 2 for MSFS, now available at SIMMARKET. Phaplu Airport, the closest airport to Mount Everest connected to the national road network, offers a unique flying experience nestled in a lush green landscape.

Due to increasing tourist numbers, Phaplu sees more scheduled flights, despite its tricky location along a slope and challenging wind conditions that close the airport by noon. Pilots must be cautious when taxiing to avoid the high wall that lines the runway. The detailed 3D terrain models and high-resolution photorealistic textures bring the beauty and complexity of this airport to life.

In addition to Phaplu, this package includes the spectacular Kangel Danda Airport, perched atop a mountain with steep cliffs at both runway ends, providing immediate ground clearance. Plans to resume scheduled flights here are underway following the destruction of communication equipment by a thunderstorm. The airport, often grazed by goats, features animated people, animals, ground traffic, realistic night lighting, various typical sounds, and a detailed manual.

Also available at SIMMARKET : Mt. Everest Airports Vol.1 Lukla

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