simFocus – Konstancin Heliport (EPKH) MSFS

A perfect small scenery for the Heli flyers in MSFS in Polen. From simFocus representing a small private heliport with two hangars able to fit quite a few helicopters. And for a small price available via simMarket.

Every day there‘s Sky Poland operating their fleet out of here, flying sightseeing, airtaxi and others!

The heliport is conveniently placed just outside of Warsaw, Poland‘s capital city, and just outside of EPWA Class D airspace allowing for easy departures and arrivals not requiring any clearance!

Key Features

  • True to life night lighting
  • Great attention to detail, recreating little details such as No entry signs, Road markings, Lighting and surrounding houses
  • Carefully hand-placed vegetation recreating the real life feel of a really well maintained garden around the heliport
  • Custom ground textures recreating how the place looks in real life
  • Bushtrip discovery flight taking you for a trip around Warsaw’s landmarks
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