Just Flight – RJ Professional MSFS Preview Video

Just Flight has released a preview video showcasing the RJ Professional for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which was recently shown at the FS Expo. This new release will follow the successful 146 Professional and includes three variants of the RJ: RJ70, RJ85, and RJ100. The models are meticulously crafted using real-world aircraft plans and comprehensive photography, featuring numerous animations and high-resolution textures for an immersive experience. The exterior includes physically based rendering (PBR) materials and supports MSFS visual icing effects, while the interiors boast detailed and fully simulated passenger cabins.

The cockpit of the RJ Professional is highly detailed, with fully functional Captain and First Officer positions, numerous operational controls, and features designed for usability, such as pre-set camera views and the ability to hide control yokes. The aircraft state system saves and reloads flight conditions automatically, and an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) tablet offers extensive functionality, including boarding simulation, failures menu, and interactive checklists. It also supports SimBrief and Navigraph integration, ensuring a comprehensive and realistic flight planning experience.

The RJ Professional features custom-coded systems that mimic real-world operations, including complex air-conditioning, autopilot, and flight management systems. The aircraft supports a variety of liveries from international airlines and offers realistic simulations of fuel, hydraulic, electrical, and flight control systems. Additionally, the model includes detailed sound effects, passenger cabin features, and various lighting options, providing a highly immersive flying experience. For customization, a PSD paint kit is available, allowing users to create their own liveries. The RJ Professional is fully compatible with MSFS VR mode and GSX, enhancing its versatility and realism.

146 Professional MSFS is available at SIMMARKET :

Also available, the F28 Professional MSFS:

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