Roman Design – Vancouver Island Heliports (MSFS)

You don’t have to wait for MSFS2024. With this scenery pack from Roman Design “Vancouver Island Heliports” you get some different options for landing and you can make you’re own missions.

Vancouver Island Heliports and Seaplane Bases pack provides a unique scenery for creative MSFS pilots. Your imagination is the only limit!

  • Simulate patient transfers between 4 hand-modelled hospitals with medical heliports, perform medevac flights from a cruise ship, or locate and rescue injured victims from 3 car accident scenes along remote roads.
  • Fly Coast Guard, government and private flights between 6 heliports, including the Coast Guard and Port facilities, a working lighthouse at the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, and a Coast Guard ship you can land on.
  • Fly VIP passengers or imagine yourself piloting your helicopter from your yacht to a sprawling mansion with a helipad, built on the top of the hill overlooking a majestic lake.
  • Plan picturesque flights in your float plane between 4 modelled water aerodromes and seaplane bases.

All locations are hand-modelled in intricate detail, including key buildings textured with custom-made PBR materials in up to 4K resolution, parallax interiors, lighting and animation elements, ground signs and textures, night lighting, and hundreds of objects placed throughout the scenery.

Compatible with Roman Design Victoria International Airport (CYYJ) and SamScene3D Vancouver City Times.


  • Custom PBR materials with up to 4K resolution
  • 4 Hospitals
  • 6 Heliports and multiple Helipads
  • 3 Private Helipads
  • 4 Water Aerodromes and Seaplane Bases
  • 3 car accident scenes
  • Animated lighthouse with rotating beacon and light beams
  • Animated Ambulance flashing lights
  • Parallax windows on all buildings with reflective glass and night lighting, based on multiple custom office, residential and hospital 3D room interior renderings
  • Signs with emulated fluorescent night backlighting, 3D modelled letter-shaped signs, and other custom signage throughout the pack
  • Custom night lighting throughout the scenery
  • Hundreds of objects placed throughout the scenery to create an immersive experience
  • Animated flags that respond to wind direction

See more screenshots at simMarket. And a overview of all the places where you can land.

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