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Flight Sim World

Flight Sim World – PBR Effects Before / After

With the latest update 13, Flight Sim World can now take advantage of Physically Based Rendering materials. In order to let us appreciate how PBR

Flight Sim World – Update #13

Today, Dovetail Games has another update for Flight Sim World. The Physically Based Rendered textures are now integrated on all the default aircraft : the

Flight Sim World – Update 12 Online

Open Dovetail Games forum to find the detailed content of this Update 12 for Flight Sim World. The Force Feedback ability has returned so you

Flight Sim World

Flight Sim World Update 10

The new update 10 for FSW is ready for the pilots. The changelog may look shorter than in previous updates but the team will bring

Flight Sim World

Flight Sim World – Update #8 Special notification to FSW pilots, the update 8 comes with an advanced weather engine, trueSKY. Dovetail Games also added weather themes for trueSKY that

Flight Sim World

Flight Sim World – Update #6

With the new Community Update 6 ready for download for Flight Sim World, simmers can now add animated copilot and passengers and all aircraft seats

FSW – Community Update #5

Note for the Flight Sim World pilots, the fifth update has been pushed online by Dovetail games. Its content is listed in their forum here,

Flight Sim World Community Update #4

RV-7, PA-34 Seneca, DA40, PA-28 Cherokee, PA-18 Super Cub .. these are some of the aircraft of Flight Sim World that have retained the developers

Flight Sim Wold – Community Update v3

It has just been pushed live, the Community Update 3 for Flight Sim World adds Steam Workshop functionality to share free content with other simmers,

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