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Dovetail Games officially announce the end of Flight Sim World. It will be removed from sale on next May 24th. At the beginning, third party developers feared to be enclosed in Steam system only. And the lack of innovative features didn’t make FSW attractive enough to the simmers despite of the regular updates. The conclusion is not a surprise, sadly.

The ultimate mesh to cover Earth is FS Global Next Generation released by PILOT’s. It reveals many details of mountains in P3D, FSX or Flight Sim World. The makers optimized their scenery with higher resolution where it is required and appreciated, raising the maximum resolution at 1m. More technical details, videos and screenshots are visible at simMarket.

The first version of EETN Tallin by Drzewiecki Design already had a nice look. The designers come back a Version 2, remade for all versions of P3D, FSX and even Flight Sim World. Every aspect of the airport scenery has been impacted : buildings and runways accuracy to the real life airport latest constructions, visuals vastly improved with new ground polygon, new lights, textures, enhanced Autogen and updated SODE animations. AND there’s a reduced price for customers of V1 !

The addons list for Flight Sim World is growing at simMarket : beside Drzewiecki Design Seattle X (Airports / City) and Moscow Sheremetyevo, count now on the advanced PA-28R Arrow III from Just Flight too. Systems, animations, authentic sound get the best Piper for FSW here.

Dovetail Games announce that “it’s time to create” content, with the release of their Software Development Kit to allow users and designers to create more add-ons for Flight Sim World. Here is the SDK, and there’s a note from Stephen Hood, FSW Executive Producer, about that topic.

Flight Sim World updates counter raised to 14. Dovetail Games aimed at fixing a few aircraft items, and other flight lessons issues. The Pro Mission Editor has been positively impacted too as you can see in their changelog.

Today, Dovetail Games has another update for Flight Sim World. The Physically Based Rendered textures are now integrated on all the default aircraft : the materials look is greatly enhanced. Their advanced weather system trueSKY receives another bunch of improvements at the same time.

Open Dovetail Games forum to find the detailed content of this Update 12 for Flight Sim World. The Force Feedback ability has returned so you can activate the option if you don’t experience a crash at loading the sim. Still in early access, the flight sim can also receive the first payware DLC from Dovetail Games : Epic approaches, five scenarios with bird strike event for example.

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