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Interview – Jo Erlend Sund

New from Aerosoft, a interview with one of the best, if not the best scenery developer we have in MSFS. Jo Erlend Sund shows us


Interview with Captain Joe

Our Partnersite started an Cooperation with “Captain Joe” aka. Joe Diebolder. Joe is a real Boeing 747 Pilot and a YouTube Star with more

Interview interview Chris Bell

Our German colleagues over at recently interviewed Night Environment X developer Chris Bell about his product and involvement in the hobby. As the original

Users asked, Michal Puto answers…

Also posted on Facebook today is the reply post to A2A Simulations‘ recent request for questions to artist Michal Puto who, amongst other roles, was


Interview: OUTERRA, the highly ambitious graphics engine

Outerra made ​​a lot of attention lately, halfway between simulator and pure technological innovation, the concept looks  like it contains a wealth of possible future opportunities. Thomas Gasser/simflight.FR asked a few questions: First of all thanks

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