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The British airport of Jersey EGJJ is ready for MSFS at simMarket. This product of UK2000 Scenery hosts numerous and very detailed 3D objects, like static aircraft, and realistic photoreal terrain. In the Channel Islands, this spot will become the most detailed scenery that you can expect with PBR materials, the full set of signage, ground markings and fences to provide an immersive environment.

New screenshots revealed by Aerosoft give a few hints about the support of icing features by their upcoming Twin Otter for MSFS. On the metal parts, engines and the windows, hard winter conditions and low temperature in high altitude will affect the 3D body visuals, and hopefully the flight performance as well since MSFS has wide capability in that area.

Cessna or Piper … it’s like Apple or Windows … BMW or Daimler … or is it six of one and half a dozen of the other? We Simmers can now also take part in the competition in the MSFS, because Justflight put a P28 Arrow III in our virtual hangar a while ago. Michael Kalff it out …and weighed it up. Cessna or Piper? Read for yourself! The Original The Piper PA 28 Cherokee competed from 1960 onwards against the so successful Cessna 172, designed as a good-natured, four-seat, single-engine low-wing aircraft for flight schools, air taxi, business and…

Originally, the Ju52 was to be launched with the World Update VI as the first in the new “Local Legends” series, but the release was then postponed for a fortnight. Was it worth the wait? Michael Kalff writes about a premiere with light and shadow. The Original In fact, hardly any other aircraft would have been more suitable as a “local legend” for Germany, Schwitzerland, Austria than the Ju52. 1932 saw the maiden flight and entry into service of the pioneering design for transporting passengers and cargo, even to airfields that were hardly developed (“mother of all passenger aircraft”). Within…

The beautiful capital of Hungary is among the most attractive cities of Europe with famous monuments, buildings and places. Budapest Landmarks MSFS is the new package of AviaJam that will add into the simulator detailed models of numerous items to explore and enjoy a tour, with a variety of buildings including churches and stadiums. Get impressed by the new release of Aerosoft for MSFS : Antarctica Vol. 1 is an extraordinary scenery product. Not just an airport scenery, not just an upgraded area, but both at once ! And due to the location, the extreme environment receives extra features like numerous animations of animals, people, various types of vehicles, and custom sounds to produce a realistic environment. And note that you will also have “hundreds of thousands of animated icebergs”. That sounds nice.

FlyLogic have new add-ons for both MSFS and P3D v5/v4, and exclusively for Switzerland. For Flight Simulator, the airport of Grenchen LSZG is located between the capital city Bern and the border with France. While P3D5 and P3D4 simmers can grab Switzerland Professional, for a full coverage of the country with custom mesh, photoreal textures, custom landmarks and 3D forests accurately placed. Just Flight has started a series of videos that serve as tutorials and introductions to prepare the arrival of the Hawk T1 / A Trainer for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Below is the introductory video, and first above you will be able to focus more on the functionality of the EFB tablet.

The US airport of Las Vegas (KLAS) was renamed Harry Reid instead of McCarran, at the beginning of this year 2021. And in the last days, its MSFS scenery faithfully reproducing the airport and downtown got a new update version 1.6 from FlyTampa. It’s recommended to delete its respective files in the community folder of MSFS, and then run FlyTampa automatic installer to retrieve the new files. Changelog v1.6 : corrected ILS/GS issuesfixed texture artifacts on west runwaysadded more light sources on Vegas strip

The Russian airport of URKG Gelendzhik is another spot for MSFS in Krasnodar area in the South of the wide country. DMD Developers mostly designed Russian sceneries until now and here again, the official screenshots show realistic buildings and very nice details. Grab it at simMarket and you are ready for new adventures that make you fly over the Black Sea. Several of their previous titles for MSFS P3D FSX are currently on sale up to 60% OFF until October 10th.

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