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If you fly to the Northern Europe, there’s a large chance that your airline has a stop in the capital of Norway, in the airport of Oslo-Gardermoen ENGM. It has several terminals, lots of parkings, and modern buildings to receive the numerous passengers. Aerosoft announced their scenery project for MSFS and shared a nice series of preview screenshots with detailed interior, realistic jetways, and their custom VDGS parking units with customizable display in relation with your flight and aircraft information. “It’s a tribute to the brave pilots, firefighters and their assisting crews” says the video description at YouTube, because it’s particularly true this year with many forests in fire, that were strong, and in large areas. To experiment these thrilling missions and to be the pilot in command of those firefighting aircraft, there are recent add-ons in MSFS. Roland Laborie is the author of both the Canadar CL-415 and of the DeHavilland DHC-515 in MSFS, both amphibious who can refill their water tanks in just a few seconds in the rivers, lakes or seas. simMarket produced the above trailer… Aerosoft is working on the manual of their upcoming Airbus A330 for MSFS. They chose to share bits of their current progress with a video, because the manual will be interactive with clickable menu and areas to direct you to the more detailed section of the manual for the system or panel that you are pointing at. According to the latests posts of the project manager at Aerosoft, Mathijs Kok, the product will also have 6 PDF manuals in a standard manner. And this interactive manual will come in addition to those. It’s web-based so you can run it… The eleventh scenery expansion pack designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator and available for free download to all users has been released : World Update XI covers Canada. As always in this series, it’s a combination of detailed cities, custom landmarks and points of interests, 5 detailed airports and 9 missions. It’s perfect to please pilots flying at both high or low altitude, and the integrated missions give a guide and a particular interest in discovering new territories that many people do not know. Tin Cities HalifaxSherbrookeAbbotsfordSaskatoonTorontoMontrealReginaCalgaryVictoriaSt. CatharinesLavalVancouver POIs (Points of Interest) A. Murray MacKay BridgeAbsolute WorldAlex Fraser BridgeAlexandra BridgeAmbassador…

Maybe you didn’t know that but Córdoba SACO is the third most important airport of Argentina. The main terminal has high curtain glass walls, two runways, and bridges to separate incoming vehicles traffic between arrival and departure levels. Its realistic rendition for MSFS can be purchased from Simulacion Extrema at simMarket.

After Kuala Lumpur KLIA and Kota Kinabalu on Borneo Island, The Secret Studio released a third scenery, that is a second airport in their collection for the island of Borneo : WBGR Miri Airport MSFS for MSFS. The airport buildings and nearby hotels are well modelled, surrounded by custom vegetation and 3D details that make an immersive environment, check the screenshots at simMarket ! Their existing airports at simMarket for MSFS : KLIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT WMKK MSFS KKIA KOTA KINABALU INTL. WBKK MSFS

SceneryTR produced a limited number of sceneries but all neat and localized in Turkey, first for P3D and FSX. Since then, the shift to MSFS has been negotiated with the launch of Ankara LTAC. All these previously released scenes are on sale 25% OFF at simMarket, for another 3 days until September 30th included. Not included in the sale, the last product released this summer was Istanbul LFTM airport for MSFS. In addition to an attractive technical achievement, its installation is facilitated by the Siminstaller which makes the procedure automatic and immediate in MSFS via the simMarket app.

To fly a vintage biplane in MSFS, there is an excellent and complete package available at simMarket : enjoy the new Tiger Moth by Ant’s Airplanes. Their 3D models include 2 variants with tail-skid and tail-wheel. Numerous components are customizable : instruments, windscreen transparency, the appearance of air intake, the style of pitot tube, the venturi location, to show or to hide the windy airspeed gauge. You can select the GPS and the tablet to complete the avionics. The product page at simMarket details also that you can choose between and Easy or Hard engine realism modes. If you want…

British Aerospace’s small regional jet is evolving at Just Flight: its very advanced simulation in MSFS under the title 146 Professional is coming in version 0.1.8. simMarket has the new installer for its users that they can download from their account. This add-on should benefit from performance improvements and an overhaul of the electronic flight bag EFB, all the details are listed below. Changelog v0.1.8 Annunciator clarity/resolution improvedMinor exterior texture improvementsPerformance (FPS) improvements EFB upgrades:Doubled screen resolutionInteractive checklists, in addition to the existing MSFS checklist supportA top-of-descent calculator with the option to manually input altitudes, speeds and descent requirements… iniBuilds announced the development for MSFS of the popular airport in California : KLAX Los Angeles. Several screenshots and even a preview video are already online to go exploring their upcoming scenery.

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