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REDWING SIM – HUG – GENEVA HOSPITAL – LSHU MSFS Several helipads with realistic buildings rooftops and multiple details can populate Switzerland in MSFS. The new sceneries of Redwing Sim listed below include 3D people, dynamic lights and winsocks among other features. AIR ZERMATT – LSEZ MSFSCHUV – UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL CENTRE – LSHV MSFSHOPITAL DU VALAIS- SION – LSHS MSFSHUG – GENEVA HOSPITAL – LSHU MSFS REDWING SIM – AIR ZERMATT – LSEZ MSFSREDWING SIM – CHUV – UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL CENTRE – LSHV MSFSREDWING SIM – HOPITAL DU VALAIS- SION – LSHS MSFSREDWING SIM – HUG – GENEVA HOSPITAL -…

No Limit Sky initiated their French sceneries for MSFS with the airport of Bastia Poretta in Corsica Island first, which is currently on sale at 25% OFF until October 13rd. The second airport is ready in stock at simMarket : Carcassone Salvaza LFMK is located in the South of France, between Toulouse and the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. Just Flight brings the F-14 Tomcat as native aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, in two variants A and B with several paintschemes for each. Of course, the pack comes with much more items that will wet your appetite : authentic cockpit night lighting, realistic and animated afterburner, analog gauges in 3D and head-up display, VR compliant… So the promises look very good, more details and screenshots at simMarket.

Interesting update for the pilots who own the T-45C Goshawk in MSFS. Indiafoxtecho takes advantage of the Sim Update V enhancements to the cockpit functionality to improve greatly the performance and display precision. Small touches impact the flight model but they still want to improve it further with a future rebuild from scratch of this aspect. Here is below the copy of their announcement : “The highlights of this version are the implementation of Sim Update V cockpit interface, along with HTML 5/JavaScript for the HUD. The HUD should now be shaper, will work fine with TAA and will support…

Maybe hidden behind an old shed, or in bad shape parked in the end corner of a bush airfield, an actual Debonair 35 manufactured in the end of 1960’s has probably not the same chance to fly straight and in good condition as you can experience in Flight Simulator. Select your virtual model at simMarket, designed by BRsimDesigns, and you will be proud of your new purchase. Their Debonair 35 is wrapped of 4K textures with PBR effects, in which all Switches, knobs and levers work and with individual spotlight for each instrument. Additional features include a few static elements… IniScene series of IniBuilds provide super quality sceneries with attention to details on many aspects : the terrain, the surroundings and vegetation, the airport objects. For demanding simmers, it’s a nice selection with promise of performance thanks to the deisgn optimization. Their new MSFS product at simMarket is Queenstown International Airport NZQN in the South of New Zealand. Enjoy their trailer video and more screenshots on its product page here.

REX announce a new update version 1.6 that is available now for Weather Force 2020 MSFS. Several fixes are included to aim at the algorithm and the software performance. FIXED – Rendering of upper-level winds and temperatures at all levels.  FIXED – Improved closest weather update rendering algorithm.  FIXED – Saving Aerosol settings option.  FIXED – Improved weather search rendering algorithm.  FIXED – Improved weather engine cloud layer rendering.  IMPROVED – General overall performance and rendering.  Launch your current version of the utility, download the new setup and uninstall before you can proceed with the new build.

As promised after the end of Beta tests, TDM Scenery Design reached the point of public release : everyone can now order and download the Spanish airport of Santiago-Rosalia De Castro LEST for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The lead designer is based in Spain, and this allows him a local visit to bring us the accurate scenery with as many details as possible. If you have liked the previous airport RJGG Chubu Centrair, the next title VVTS Tan Son Nhat is also very attractive for your entertainment in MSFS. DominicDesignTeam reproduced the main airport of Vietnam that serves Ho Chi Minh City. At day or night time, the global look is excellent, check it now. Sochi, home of the Winter Olympic Games in Russia in 2014. In Flight Simulator, it has been one of the most popular scenery of Digital Design. The new official trailer is like a tribute to the excellent quality and high amount of details found in this product that covers the airport and the Olympic city. Available at simMarket one click away.

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