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VATSIM Network announced the next transoceanic flight event to take place on November 14th : Cross the Pond 2020. Many ATC positions including in oceanic areas will provide traffic control for virtual pilots. simMarket helps you for the best experience with specific offers on the airports sceneries involved in this event : Drzewiecki Design : 40% OFF KFJK New York in NY Airports X / XP V2 and KORD Chicago O’Hare in Chicago Airports X / XP LatinVFR : 35% OFF LEMD Madrid and TJSJ Puerto Rico FlyTampa : 30% OFF Boston KBOS, Amsterdam EHAM, and Vienna LOWW. Aerosoft :…

The new software of IVAO network, able to display all connected pilots and controllers in real-time has been updated. The new version of WebEye 3.0 is available. Press copy : “IVAO is very proud to announce the flight simulation community with WebEye 3.0 which is released today. Our full announcement can be found on our Virtual Sky magazine. We kindly request to share this amazing news through your platform. Link to the Virtual Sky article:”

The most important event on IVAO network is planned on next December 07th : Crowded Skies 2019. Last record was set at 3003 connections, cumulating both ATC controllers and pilots, try to beat that !

IVAO network has been using the Ivac ATC client and Ivap pilot client softwares for about 15 years if I remember well because I was joining the main developer of Ivap to an airshow in 2005.. and we were still testing the pushback feature to be included with Ivap. It was already time for new generation softwares, and IVAO network is also willing to change the servers, which were at the beginning of this complete project.

It’s already the 11th edition of Crowded Skies on IVAO network. This year, they hope to beat the last record of 2,303 simultaneous connections. For more information and requirements list, you should visit their forum, with your IVAO ID and password as the forum is accessible to registered members.

IVAO members received an email from the network to inform them about Crystal Skies event to take place this saturday December 14th. Their goal is to achieve the maximum number of pilots and controllers connections between 06:40 pm and 07:20 pm UTC to gather funds for humanitarian aid project. The sponsor Aerosoft will give 1 Euro for each connection during this time frame. Pilots have to fly for 2 hours, and the controllers must manage their ATC position for 1 hour at least.

Maybe this will be your first mark in your calendar 2013, Crowded Skies 2013 on January 19th. Last year there were 2,300 connections to the network and it is hoped to be even busier this year. Check your headset, microphone settings and sound levels.

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