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Introduction to VATSIM – Intro

I know there are more video’s of how to start with online flying. In this example it is with the VATSIM network. With a nice


25 Years of IVAO

IVAO’s celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Twenty-five years of passion for aviation, community and continued development. More than 240,000 enthusiastic members have joined IVAO along


VATSIM Event : Cross The Pond 2022

Second event of this type this year, the new edition of VATSIM Cross The Pond 2022 will make fly thousands of virtual pilots eastbound, for


IVAO Announces 2021 Crowded Skies Event!

This Saturday December 04th, IVAO will host the big network event Crowded Skies XVI, with the help of their sponsor Aerosoft. It’s the challenge of

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