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Second event of this type this year, the new edition of VATSIM Cross The Pond 2022 will make fly thousands of virtual pilots eastbound, for transatlantic flights with an entire ATC coverage. Mark this date on your calendar : October 22, 2022 and check their website when they have more detailed information.

For the big event of VATSIM, Cross The Pond 2022 Westbound Edition, the airport listing has been made public. It’s strongly recommended to book your slot as pilot, especially if you want to perform an oceanic route, as VATSIM already evaluates that the skies will be busy and maybe not all virtual pilots will be able to receive the ATC support if they are too numerous, in the same place, at the same time. All information and FAQ for the major online event planned on April 2 2022 can be found at VATSIM organization deployed Velocity, with servers updates, and new versions of the pilot client software. This is made in order to display other pilots around you with much smoother movements. The pilots position is reported 5 times per second now, instead of once every 5 seconds before. The aircraft of the pilots can also have more advanced animations, like a slight nose dive effect when they brake during taxi operations. Second info for VATSIM network users, they announced the big event Cross The Pond Westbound edition to be held on April 02 this year 2022.

This Saturday December 04th, IVAO will host the big network event Crowded Skies XVI, with the help of their sponsor Aerosoft. It’s the challenge of the year to unify the maximum of members, pilots and controllers, for a very busy sky during the whole day. They expect the peak of traffic between of 18:40 and 19:20z. More information on this dedicated webpage.

VATSIM network set the date of their wide event Cross The Pond 2021 where many virtual pilots and controllers join to fly transatlantic routes from Europe to North America. It’s planned on April 24th. Next step is to vote for your preferred airports. We’ll keep you informed.

IVAO is proud to announce the release of a brand new Datalink module for its ATC Client: Aurora, a stepping stone in the Air Traffic Control experience for their members. A second important feature included with this update is Vertical Profiles. This is also a highly realistic INSET on their ATC client that will enable Controllers to have a transversal view of the active sector, as a means to visualize the vertical separation between traffic.

VATSIM Network announced the next transoceanic flight event to take place on November 14th : Cross the Pond 2020. Many ATC positions including in oceanic areas will provide traffic control for virtual pilots. simMarket helps you for the best experience with specific offers on the airports sceneries involved in this event : Drzewiecki Design : 40% OFF KFJK New York in NY Airports X / XP V2 and KORD Chicago O’Hare in Chicago Airports X / XP LatinVFR : 35% OFF LEMD Madrid and TJSJ Puerto Rico FlyTampa : 30% OFF Boston KBOS, Amsterdam EHAM, and Vienna LOWW. Aerosoft :…

The new software of IVAO network, able to display all connected pilots and controllers in real-time has been updated. The new version of WebEye 3.0 is available. Press copy : “IVAO is very proud to announce the flight simulation community with WebEye 3.0 which is released today. Our full announcement can be found on our Virtual Sky magazine. We kindly request to share this amazing news through your platform. Link to the Virtual Sky article:”

The most important event on IVAO network is planned on next December 07th : Crowded Skies 2019. Last record was set at 3003 connections, cumulating both ATC controllers and pilots, try to beat that !

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