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httpv:// Discover Combat Pilot FTO (Flight Training Operations) for FSX advertised as an online multiplayer environment. Progress in one of the 25 nation career you can select from, train and graduate. It will be a monthly subscription access. In the first 49,99 US$ are included 3 aircraft developed by A2A, 7 new military bases, and of course the first month fee. If you cancel your membership, the new addons you got with Combat Pilot FTO will remain functional.

Given the fame and capabilities of the little Pitts aerobatic biplanes, there’s little surprise that they are a popular addition to any sim and to many developers – a select group of which has now been joined by Sibwings, already famous for their earlier Saab Safir and Cessna Bird Dog recreations for Microsoft FSX. The Sibwings Pitts Special package brings four models to your simulator, in nine liveries and with a paintkit available for the numerous colourful repaints that the aircraft tends to inspire both in the real world and from sim repainters. For more details, screenshots and to purchase,…

More than establishing a record of simultaneous virtual pilots connected to IVAO network, Crowded Skies event aims at a very large ATC coverage and numerous flights around you as pilot. Aerosoft will sponsor and pay one euro for a noble cause as many as the maximum connections achieved during this Crowded Skies Event, held this weekend on Sunday December 18th.

Flying online is not just fun because you are connected with other real people as pilots or ATC controllers. It’s an efficient way to learn the actual ATC phraseology and procedures, but also to practice English if it’s not your mother language. Add to that VATSIM helps you to learn basics ..

Pilotedge is not really competing with existing flightsim networks. They offer something different because subscribers will have guaranteed staff for ATC services 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to current or retired FAA controllers. To achieve such performance, the covered areas are planned and selected but they support FSX, FS2004 or X-Plane. Details of rules and fees will be read at their website