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Slovenia X Photoreal for P3D and FSX has been released and is now available. You can think of it as Slovenia V2.0, or Slovenia X on steroids, with a complete LOD15 photoreal coverage, which brings it to life in vivid colours and astonishing detail. Incredible amount of data has been again processed, transformed, retouched and adapted for sim use. It comes with all the goodies from Slovenia X and Slovenia X airports: diverse autogen, custom objects, accurate building placements, 41 airfields and airstrips, 3D seasonal vegetation at airports, etc. Some of the elements and autogen have been completely regenerated and…

PMDG celebrates their 22nd anniversary and the launch of their new website with a special Sale 22% OFF. It’s valid on all products and all simulators, until August 14th.

Aerosoft will publish LimeSim’s new Lukla airport for AeroFly FS2 (and P3D will follow) … the question is just when?. For the time being this video will give you an idea on the utterly insane size and package content it will bring once released!

Discover new places, find new sceneries for airports you would like to visit in P3D, FSX or X-Plane : start using It’s a free service on the Web with a database that will grow in the next weeks. Add it to your bookmarks.

PMDG will leave Avsim forums after 20 years, they open their new forum here : Transition to the new address will be smooth, but it’s definitely the new place to retrieve official support and share with the community about PMDG products.

Browsing around Reddit I came across a post presenting a free command line tool written in Node.js. It enables the user to download publicly available FAA charts for every airport in North America via the command line and is thus named FAA-Chart-Downloader. Sure, one could just download necessary charts one by one with the internet browser. But I can’t deny that typing in a single ICAO code and pulling all the instrument procedure charts plus airfield diagram available for that airport is quite a bit more comfortable to me. Someone who satisfies his need for aviation charts with products from…

The German publisher comes with a promotional video to introduce the key features of their latest X-Plane scenery that covers Faroe Islands and its main airport Vagar EKVG. Watch and appreciate the runway/tarmac reflection and their nice looking Autogen for example.

The latest announcement of REX bring good news regarding the new version of P3D 4.4 because all their major products are directly compatible : Sky Force 3D, Texture Direct HD and Soft Clouds. It’s a bit different for Wx Advantage Radar developed in partnership with Milviz.

The blog of IndiaFoxtEcho confirms that their aircraft are flying and working well in the latest version of Lockheed Martin flight simulator. Only Tacpack features will be affected until the separate product of VRS is updated too to support P3D v4.4.

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