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Not too long ago there was an online form gathering interest for if there is a need to have the charts app made especially for android. It appears there was, and they listened! As of today, the Navigraph app for android devices has been released, and is downloadable through the Google Play store. Although the app is free, keep in mind you need to have purchased charts or own a valid subscription to use the app.

Carenado’s long awaited Citation CJ2 has been released today. Although It’s currently available on their web store at the moment, I’d expect it to be available through vendors in a few weeks. Original Pro Line 21 systems are included with a working Navigraph FMS pre loaded with Airac cycle 1310. To purchase the Carenado CJ2, simply head over to their store page.

Aerosoft’s F-14 X has just been updated today, and subsequently renamed to F-14 X Extended due to the vast amount of changes made and new features added. From within the huge change list you will find many newly added features found below. New 3D Landing light ground illuminations, improved flap lever and sweep lever interface and many others are what you can expect. All customers of the initial release will get this version without any additional costs. You will simply find the new version on your order history page. If you are a new customer, then you can buy it on simMarket. Press release below.

JustFlight’s DH104 Dove & Devon is now available on simMarket at 50% off for a limited time! For 1 week only, you can get your hands on the Dove & Devon for only €12.55 exl VAT. Not only that, but their additional livery expansion pack is also available at 50% off for only €2.47. If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on this new aircraft, but haven’t already done so, then be sure to make the most out of this great opportunity!

To celebrate 6000 likes, FSFX Packages have released a new announcement today. So what is it about? Well on the 23rd February if all goes well, you will be able to access PrecipitFX through their VFX Central application. Not only that, but new touchdown effects will be included in the PrecipitFX package. Along with that, VFX central will also configure newly installed aircraft’s automatically if its configured to run with the sim in addition to taking into account new DLC’s in steam edition and each simobject folder. To top things off in the announcement, built in DX10 support for FSX to…

Discover Paris and its surroundings as never before in a flight simulator. The dense and custom Autogen items, buildings and vegetation, combined with custom made objects, monuments and landmarks make a wonderful and wide area to fly. The developer FranceVFR sent us their complete press release reproduced below.

Since acquiring the rights to develop and publish new titles utilizing Microsoft’s genre-defining flight simulation technology back in 2014, Dovetail Games has been clear about its intent to make headlines in the flight simulation category. Today Dovetail Games have announced that they have plans to launch 2 new flight simulation titles in 2016.

Next Generation Interactive Software is a group who plans to develop a flight simulator worthy of the 21st century, aimed at hardcore simmers to beginners, for military or civilian flights. The developers team include experienced members in flight simming and they sent us their first press release.

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