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httpv:// It’s a marvellous place where we’re travelling with the latest Blu-Ray video of Just Planes. Thanks to Trans Maldivian airways, we have our seat booked to fly to the paradisiac islands of the Indian Ocean onboard the De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter, with floaters of course. Unique views and multiples cameras set, including view from the floater, and behind the scene tour like the maintenance warehouse make part of its content.

Many people in the IT industry – although particularly those based in Britain – may be aware of “The Register”, a slightly irreverant, but often entertaining, IT news and views site which has recently been participating in its own aeronautical endeavours. Their current project, the Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN – yes, it’s a backronym – the last one was called PARIS) is seeking someone skilled in the dark arts of X-Plane’s Planemaker to assist with simulating the model, and its autopilot, on the Laminar Research platform. Interested? This post from yesterday would be your first port of call. If you…

httpv:// A new cockpit video of the Boeing 787-800 by Just Planes has been produced, this time in partnership with JetairFly airline. The flight crew allow us to seat behind them in the cockpit during their flight from Brussels to Cancun and back. The Blu-Ray can be ordered now at simMarket. It’s approaching summer rapidly in the Northern Hemisphere, so what better time for Just Planes to bring out a BluRay video showing Winter operations at New York’s LaGuardia International Airport? Thankfully, with JetBlue and Southwest Airlines in the mix, there’s no shortage of colourful liveries to brighten up the snowscapes, more about which can be found here.

The latest edition of free PDF magazine Simulator World, 6/2014, is now available here, through simMarket. From a flight simulation standpoint, the edition covers Aerosoft’s Berlin Brandenburg for FSX/P3D and the X-Plane 757 professional package. Train simulation enthusiasts also get articles on the new Dovetail Games New York – New Haven route and Dispolok BR189 locomotive for Train Simulator 2014.

Seat comfortably, grab a cup of coffee and watch these two amazing time-lapse videos showing the building through first flight of Southwest Airlines’ 73 “Florida One” and the preparation of LOT Polish Airlines Embraer 175 “RetroJET” livery. Truly awesome! Readers of a certain age, possibly just British ones, may remember a bear named Paddington. He was from Darkest Peru. Now, thanks to Just Planes, you can visit Peru in the company of the turboprop airliners of LCPeru – the publishers’ first airline from the country to be featured.

The latest free Simulator World PDF magazine, 05/2014, is now available through simMarket. The new issue includes articles on TS2014’s Riviera Line route and SLT Sprinter, radio control sim Aerofly RC7 (pictured above), Farming Simulator 2013 Official Expansion 2 and Aerosoft’s Mega Airport Dublin. Check here to ‘buy’ your copy for the princely sum of €0.00!

httpv:// More than the kind of views and the airline, I think that the aircraft types and the destinations are the most relevant infos for any customer of a real aviation Blu-Ray video. In this one, you’ll fly onboard Airbus A310 and A320 liners but also the Dash 8 Q400 between Portugal and Boston (USA) or Frankfurt (Germany). You can order it through this page.

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