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Just Planes end airport Blu-rays with JFK

Billed as being the publisher’s “final airport Blu-ray release”, JustPlanes have chosen this time to cover New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK/KJFK) for


Just Planes cover Air France “Queen”

Often described as “the Queen of the Skies”, Boeing’s 747-400 is still one of the mainstays for the world’s long-haul operators, in spite of the


Viking Wings – Skiathos Airport blu-ray

httpv:// Skiathos is a Greek island on the Eastern coast of Greece, in front of the Aegean Sea. Like St Maarten in the Caribbean region,


Just Planes – B757-200 Icelandair Bluray

httpv:// 10 years after their first video of Icelandair operations, Just Planes publishes now a new video in HD, shipping on a Bluray disc. Icelandair crew


Just Planes – Volotea B717-200 Bluray

httpv:// In the new Bluray video of Just Planes, follow the crew of Volotea onboard the Boeing 717-200 during several flights in Italy, betweeen Venice, Bari, Verona,


One week to Cosford FS Show

A quick reminder to our UK-based readership that the joint Flight1/JustFlight/PCPilot “Flight Simulator 2014” show takes place next Saturday, 4th October 2014, in Hangar 1


Just Planes – Air Tindi “Ski Pilots” Bluray

httpv:// I would put this new aviation bluray video in my personal selection. Thanks to Just Planes, here is another original production filmed in partnership


Just Planes – SAS A340-300 Bluray

httpv:// The new Bluray of Just Planes lasts about 3h20min filmed onboard the Airbus A340-300 of SAS airline, between Copenhaguen and Washington. You will assist to all flight


Just Planes – Miami Intl 2013-2014

httpv:// The 8th airport Blu-Ray of Just Planes is entirely filmed in Miami Intl. Be a spectator of numerous airliners operations during this 3h40min long video.


Viking Aviation Blu-Ray – Nolinor Aviation CV-580

httpv:// 3h10min is how long lasts the new cockpit video of Viking Aviation filmed onboard the Convair 580 of Nolinor Aviation. Shipping on Blu-ray disc, the above

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