Browsing: Real-world Just Planes real aviation movies edtions have published at Youtube the above and almost complete footage that lasts 3 hours of the Boeing 747-400 operated by Royal Air Maroc. The flight departed from Casablanca, Morocco, to land at Montreal, Canada. Follow the first officer during the exterior inspection for pre-flight checks on the airport apon. The senior captain then explains the prerequesites documents like weights and balance report. All stages of flight are filmed from 7 different angles of view to enjoy the full trip during taxi, climb, cruise, approach, and landing at night. The actual complete footage lasts…

Almost 4 hours long of HD video in the new UltraPack Socata TBM 850 edited by RealFlying. Download this great General Aviation video of IFR flights filmed in 1080 Full AVCHD quality between these 6 airports : Augsburg, Courchevel, Kassel, Hildesheim, Niederrhein, Lille. Follow the exterior operations, landings and takeoffs, but also the detailed interior cabin and cockpit closeups. Monitor the panels, displays, gauges, and check the navigation charts and other calculations with the pilots. Among the new videos filmed by Just Planes, you will find this 747-8 landing at Chicago O’Hare with strong winds on final. And their latest Airport series title was filmed in Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Join the flight crew of TUI airline onboard their 737-800. Just Planes filmed their flights from inside the cockpit, between Amsterdam Schipol (EHAM) and Dubai World Center (Al Maktoum Intl OMDW), and then flight back with a stop in Burgas (LBBG), Bulgaria. That’s almost 5 hours of HD video to download, bonus flight in a Caravan between Ebel Ali and Dubai Creek.

httpv:// Instead of a cockpit video filming the flight crew daily job, Just Planes spent 7 days near Paris Charles De Gaulle runways and taxiways. They are now selling the 4 hours HD video report, with hundreds of 787, A350 and A380 operations.

httpv:// For the 4th time, Just Planes filmed the aircraft movements at the famous airport of St Maarten in the Caribbean. For more than 4 hours long, their HD video shows also the action at Saba and St Barth with a very short runway placed downhill.

In a Free Special Edition, PC Pilot gathered articles from past issues to give an idea of their magazines content : add-ons reviews, articles and guides about flight simming. You can read the 140 pages full magazine for free on your PC, tablet or smartphone with just your email registration at this URL

httpv:// Join Icelandair flight crew during their roundtrip to London and Amsterdam, departing from Keflavik onboard the 767-300 or 757-200. The HD video lasts more than 4 hours, giving enough time to follow the flight preparation and cockpit setup before the taxi roll.

httpv:// The Brasilian flight crew of Latam Airlines let Justplanes film their flight between Sao Paulo and Milan Malpensa onboard the brand new Airbus A350XWB ! Since a few months ago, Justplanes doesn’t deliver any new video on Blu-ray or DVDs. You can only purchase a video download, HD or not, with unlimited views on any device.

It’s official, Mad Catz leaves Saitek in the hands of Logitech, the Swiss hardware manufacturer. Specialist of PC simulation hardware devices, Saitek will help Logitech in making their place in the medium to high products range for driving and flight simulators.

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