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PC Pilot Magazine – #149 2024

The new PC Pilot Magazine #149 for 2024 is already available. Soon in the mailbox for subscribers. Featuring: Subscribe to PC Pilot Print of get


Sporty’s – Airplane Engine Turbocharging

A more a less commercial video / explanation from Sporty’s Pilot Shop. Many high-performance airplanes take advantage of turbocharged engines, which allow for cruise operations


Quick Reference Guide – Non-Towered ATC

Via the website from there is a free ‘Quick Reference Guide’ for in use with Non-Towered Airport Communications. It’s a clear guidance on what


Egyptair 737-800 Cockpit Athens to Cairo

Enjoy of this 30 minutes free watching from the YouTube video of Just Pilots. You can take place on the jump seat of this B737-800


PC Pilot – November/December 2023 #148

My favorite magazine. PC Pilot. Every 2 months full with background and more a less actual information for us flightsimmers. This is issue 148. For

Flight Sim World

PC Pilot – September/October 2023 (#147)

My favorite flightsim magazine. You can read most of the flightsim news on websites, but i also like to read it on paper, while i’m


Just Planes – Iberojet A350 Cockpit

Thanks to the DVD’s of Just Planes we can follow a lot of airliners in different airplanes. You can buy the full versions or just

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