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Our German colleagues over at recently interviewed Night Environment X developer Chris Bell about his product and involvement in the hobby. As the original interview was carried out in English, we’re pleased to be able to reproduce it here for you, which you can read by clicking “Read more”. Alternatively, both language versions can be found at here.

With many thanks to Spencer from Skytoons for letting us use his really quite brilliant picture above, the staff at simFlight would like to wish all our visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2015. The last 12 months have been ‘quite interesting’ in the Flight Sim sphere, so let’s all look forward and see what happens over the next 12! Best wishes to all.

Midnight just ticked past for most of Europe, including sF HQ, so it’s time to wish all our readers and contributors a Happy New Year from everyone here on the staff. 2013 has been more interesting from a flight simulation perspective than many had imagined, so let’s see what the year ahead has in store for us, shall we?!

Just a quick note from the team to wish all our readers and visitors a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for an enjoyable festive period. At the time of writing, NORAD’s Santa Tracker has him passing through the Middle East, so there’s a while to wait before he reaches simFlight’s European HQ… If you want some light reading while you wait, you may want to take a look here at Avialogs, where you’ll find the Official pilot’s and engineers’ notes for both Mk.I and II versions of the sleigh!

We haven’t done one of these for a while – not because we’ve run out of ideas already, but rather just because other things have taken precedence. Sorry about that. However, here’s one suitable for everyone, regardless of preferred type of aircraft or region of the world to fly in. Unless you are aquaphobic, I suppose? The photo above shows a decidedly unflattering view of my bald patch flying an approach to FlyTampa’s Saba from their St Maarten Complete package at the Flight Sim 2013 show, RAF Museum Cosford, yesterday. In spite of the slightly scary angle, the approach was…

So… We got a few responses to our last try at doing this, so let’s do it again, shall we? The idea is that you have a starting point, an aircraft type and a rule to fly to. You choose the destination and, if you please, tell us why you’d choose it? If you don’t recognise it, the one above is FlyTampa’s very highly regarded OMDB from Dubai Rebooted. So this time, with that as a starting point and an intercontinental airliner (take your pick!), which other desert location airport would you fly to? The fringes of the Sahara? Las…

You won’t have noticed any significant changes yet, but the entire simFlight network has been on the move – changing servers to a new location and host site. The final switchover is happening today – Tuesday 25th – and may result in some loss of service while DNS servers update and the change propagates around the world. This usually happens pretty quickly, so our apologies if we go missing for a while, but we will be back! YOU ARE READING  THIS ON THE NEW SERVER! {UPDATE} 20130626 – The simFlight News Websites are now all working from the new servers. (DONE)…

Our simFlight Network sister site ( have posted an interview with Lefteris Kalamaras, Andrew Wilson and Philippe Gleize of flightsimlabs, regarding their in-development A320-X. The interview can be found here. Fear not the Cyrillic text – while the page and comments are in Russian, the interview itself is in English and can be found as 3 image files further down the article. Many thanks to

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