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DOM-GNL Roundup

We haven’t posted any of these for a while, for a variety of reasons, so it’s time for a bit of a catch up on


How’re your writing skills?

I have received a complaint! Well, two actually, but while neither of them were entirely correctly targetted, they both did highlight issues that are affecting


Robert Graf’s Talladega… day?

Following recent disappointment and exclusion from the race at Bristol, Robert Graf‘s simFlight liveried virtual Chevy Impala has made it back into action in the


Tri-Motor Project Screenshot competition

Garry J Smith, on behalf of the Ford Tri-Motor Project, has announced a screenshot competition, open to users of Microsoft Flight Simulator 9/2004, with a


simMarket offers and newsletter

simMarket newsletter subscribers already received the important infos, but many other simFlight visitors would want to be aware of the following as well. You can


simMarket General Aviation newsletter

simMarket dedicated its last newsletter issue to General Aviation aircraft, introducing helicopters and private aircraft, nice references beside some of the best and latest entries


DOM/GNL Rounds 6 and 7

As previously reported, we got a little out of synch with Robert Graf‘s progress through the DOM/GNL series of simulated NASCAR races using the iRacing

simFlight Network

Forum downtime Thursday

Please note that Thursday (26 Jan 2012) at 1600GMT, the simFlight forums will be going down for maintenance, including all support, as well as community,


Aerosoft Announce 10th German FS Conference

Aerosoft’s 10th German Flight Simulator Conference will be held on 24th March 2012 at Flugwerft Oberschleißheim, near Munich, with part of the exhibition being held

Sascha W. Felix

It is with the greatest of regret that we have to pass on the news of the death of another member of the flight simming

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