Browsing: Train Sim World Dovetail Games announced a US route add-on incoming next August for Train Sim World 2020. It will be Peninsula Corridor to drive the American trains along 47 miles between San Francisco and San Jose, featuring the diesel locomotives EMD F40PH-2CAT and the double decks Nippon-Sharyo coaches. This DLC will be included with the Digital Deluxe Edition but will be also available as a standalone product. Just like the older Train Simulator series, Dovetail Games announce a new version of Train Sim World 2020. For existing owners of TSW in its current version, it will be a free upgrade to get new features : new “Journey” gameplay mode, enhanced user interface and tutorials. Planned for release on August 15th, new simmers will get 5 routes included: Great Western ExpressMain-Spessart BahnLong Island Rail RoadNorthern Trans-PennineCSX Heavy Haul A separate Deluxe Edition, will add a new US route on the West Coast. Next Thursday 21th, Dovetail Games will release their German add-on for Train Sim World. Watch the preview video of Main – Spessart Bahn. Pre-orders are open with 20% OFF discount until the public release.

Dovetail Games announce that their next DLC expansion for Train Sim World, Long Island Railroad is available for preorder. The US route will make you drive the commuter trains between New York and Hicksville, which is a journey of about 40 or 45 minutes. More info here.

In two days, Dovetail Games will launch the complete pack of Train Sim World featuring GSX The Heavy Haul, Great Western Express and Rapid Transit. The future DLC expansions are getting prepared : one of them will the German route of “Ruhr Sieg Nord” including the DB BR 185.2 and another locomotive.

It will be the end of Train Sim World sold with one route only. On next July 24th, the next generation train simulator of Dovetail Games will be sold as a complete pack including the following routes : CSX Heavy Haul, Great Western Express, Rapid Transit and Northeast Corridor New York. On the same date, the Xbox and PS4 versions will be made also available.

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