Train Sim World 3 – Launch September 06th

It’s been a long time since we talked about Train Sim World on our pages, very busy with the rich news related to flight simulation for 2 years.

This is an opportunity to announce the imminent arrival of the new version of the Train Sim World 3 from Dovetail Games, scheduled for next Tuesday on September 06.

Train Sim World 3 features dynamic weather, volumetric sky and lighting, nine powerful locomotives, the all-new training center and 3 routes.

  • Conquer the 136 kilometers of the Cajon Pass aboard the ES44C4
  • Speed aboard the ICE 1 on the 186 km Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel – Würzburg
  • 143 km of the Southeastern Highspeed at the controls of the Class 395

The early access version is already open with 4 days in advance. It is available on the following platforms: Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Xbox Game Pass and Epic Games Store.

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1 year ago

One of the worst product videos I’ve seen in a long time.

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