Browsing: Tutorial The DC-3 of Aeroplane Heaven has been one of the most popular among the new aircraft added in Microsoft Flight Simulator since the release of the 40th Anniversary Edition. To help the virtual pilots who may need help and guides, the aircraft designers recommended the two videos embedded here. If you like closely to the advanced users performance in MSFS, you will notice some impressive camera moves, and spectacular fly-by footage. Sometimes they achieve that from a fixed point of view, other times they can also control the camera position. Thanks to Q8Pilot, you will learn basics and more advanced features of the camera controls made possible in Microsoft Flight Simulator so you can enjoy a bit more your aircraft model and the scenery around : create custom camera views, manage the drone camera and more. Watch his video tutorial posted at YouTube and embedded right above here. In the above video, Navigraph explains how you can export your SimBrief flight plan to Fly The Maddog X, the MD-82 advanced simulation in MSFS. Take advantage of the efficient and free webservice, and of the Electronic Flight Bag directly at your fingertip in the 3D virtual cockpit. What are the supported files, where are the necessary options, and what are the directories do you need to select ? When I watched streamers flying in MSFS, I was surprised by one of them switching between cockpit views from the menu, using the camera button in the tool bar. It does the job and gives also access to external or drone views. But, in the manner of Active Camera in the old Flight Simulators, you can also your own cockpit view presets, that you can edit and call with quick shortcuts on the keyboard. That’s the topic of this tutorial provided by Navigraph and set up in Fly The Maddog MSFS. You can follow the same procedure in any… Update May 25th : all of the 6 videos have been now published. Part 5/6 covers Takeoff minimum, and the last part 6/6 is about Alternate Airport minimums. Jason of Navigraph team is doing again a nice work of explaining how to read the airport charts for beginners. He started a series of 6 videos, and we can watch now the new part 4 about the additional runway information. Previous parts were dedicated to the main info and chart identification, the second part was about the radio communication and VHF frequencies shown in the table of the chart, and… WIth the depth of systems simulation found in Fly The Maddog X in MSFS, programming the FMC needs some knowledge. Thanks to the youtuber Jonathan Beckett, the beginners will see how to program the FMC in the MD-82. Navigate through its different pages and learn more about the data to insert to prepare your flight. Some of the MSFS airports published by Aerosoft support an advanced and custom functional VDGS module : Mega Airport Brussels, Paderborn, Trondheim and Cologne. This module is basically made to guide the aircraft on the parking spot with visual instruction for the parking alignement and distance to stop. If you learn how to set it up correctly with the videos embedded here, it can also display the flight destination, target off block time and the local temperature. Thanks to Jonathan Beckett, we found on YouTube his nice tutorial about Fly The Maddog MSFS, particularly well done for beginners. This is a starting guide from Cold and Dark cockpit, to show you during 16 minutes how to initiate onboard systems, and to prepare the aircraft for engines startup. Below is a much longer video, 58 minutes long, from AirborneGeek. It’s an “Ultimate Quick Start Guide” to cover more topics like an introduction to the Electronic Flight Bag, SimBrief flight plan import, the normal flows check-lists, and FMC programming. About two years ago, the Navigraph community maanger published several videos to introduce and learn how to use airport charts in the context of flight simulation and I embedded them below. But the first video above is a brand new presentation that begins a series with the basics, to first understand the different parts of navigation charts layout, and the basic information printed on them. In 2020, Navigraph taught us how to use SID, STAR and ILS charts. Flying a Standard Instrument Departure procedure in PMDG 737 Flying a Standard Instrument Arrival procedure in PMDG 737 Fly… With 11 new tutorial videos about flying the DC-6 in MSFS, PMDG already open the flightschool while the aircraft add-on should be ready this year. It will be followed by the 737 NGX, and even the entire products line 747, 777 will arrive into MSFS. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean PMDG stops P3D development as they still have “updates pending for the 737, 777, 747 and DC-6 product lines and new products still on the development agenda” thanks to the Prepar3D “enterprise licensing to commercial ventures”.

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