Browsing: Tutorial Airline2Sim has just announced the release of their Cadet training series for the PMDG 777 after a release delay of fewer than 24 hours. Although you may find the full course contents on the store page, there is currently 11 released training videos with another 13 scheduled for a staggered release between now and the 30th of January making this series the largest the A2S team have done to date.

httpv:// The full video that you can purchase at simMarket lasts almost 17 minutes to introduce you how to simulate the largest and most powerful aircraft based on real world sources. Improve your flight knowledge to plan correctly your flight, to respect airspeed restrictions, to use thrust reversers and flight surfaces, to operate your airplane at different phases of flight.

Aerosoft has started “You Have Control” books series with the PMDG 737 NG at the time of FS 2002 / 2004. Sadly, only this one was written in English. The following titles for Airbus A320 family, PMDG 737 NGX and now the Twin Otter Extended are only available in German language. The 250 pages manuals is a guide from basics to a practical example on how to operate the turbo prop liner.

Ralph Freshour has posted in the PMDG forum at Avsim a series of YouTube videos with very instructive tutorials on Ralph´s Basics Boot Camp Series “How To Fly A Perfect ILS”. Videos 1 and 2 are Ground School basics on how to correctly set up for the ILS approach. Videos 3 and 4 are PMDG 737NGX simulator demos on, respectively, flying a Boeing standard ILS and a non-standard ILS. There will be a 5th video with another flying demo, available within a few days. Get these very informative videos at Ralph’s YouTube channel. Thanks Ralph!

PCPilot magazine have bundled together all the tutorials created by Jane Whittaker into a single volume, which is now available to purchase as a download title from the Pocketmags store. The 64-page special edition covers topics on a variety of topics, from an overview of the aircraft, through its systems and sub-systems to bringing it all together for an end-to-end flight. If you’re struggling to get to grips with the ‘NG’, or just want a handy reference guide, this may be one to add to your collection. See the link above for more details.

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