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The first question in our column comes from Michael and he asks “As real as it gets: when are which lights switched on at departure and when is the transponder switched on?”. You also have a question for Captain Joe? Then send it to Answer from Captain Joe (translated with help of Lights and transponder setting for departure on a Boeing 747! When we go on board the NAVIGATION LIGHTS and the LOGO LIGHT are usually already switched on. The BEACON LIGHT is switched on in the “Before Start Procedure” after we have received clearance from the Ground…

Third tutorial video for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Squirrel will show you what are the basic controls of the camera, how to switch, circle and pan around the views, with clear instructions. He will make this topic very easy for you to master. Camera shortcuts will be essential for instrument views and that part will be covered as well.

Watch how fast you can replace all the jetways of an addon airport in just a few minutes with Ground Services X Level 2. The popular addon of FSDreamTeam is also useful to let you customize the jetways, add 3D animated passengers boarding the aircraft, walking through jetways, and more. Airline2Sim has just announced the release of their Cadet training series for the PMDG 777 after a release delay of fewer than 24 hours. Although you may find the full course contents on the store page, there is currently 11 released training videos with another 13 scheduled for a staggered release between now and the 30th of January making this series the largest the A2S team have done to date.

httpv:// The full video that you can purchase at simMarket lasts almost 17 minutes to introduce you how to simulate the largest and most powerful aircraft based on real world sources. Improve your flight knowledge to plan correctly your flight, to respect airspeed restrictions, to use thrust reversers and flight surfaces, to operate your airplane at different phases of flight.

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