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Consider the new update version 1.1 for the Boeing 717 of TFDi Design as a major update as it loads a new 3D model for the exterior with wing flex and cabin lights, and big improvements for the AFS and MCDU systems. The update process and the complete changelog are visible on their official blog.

Registered customers of the Turkish scenery of Antalya LTAI by JustSim have already been notified about the update v1.1. Docking guidance with Ground Services X has been added to several parking spots and fixes for dynamic lights or Duden waterfall, and the shoreline have been included. Changelog : The shoreline has been fixed Duden waterfall was added. Dynamic lighting has been fixed. A custom GSX profile was added. VDGS GSX has been added – available in Parking lots: 8 9 14 15 60 61 63 65 66 67 A11 A12 A62 B10 B11 B12 B62 B64 Night textures of the…

With the latest update version 4 for FlightControlReplay tool by Fabio Merlo, several new features have been introduced : re-live instant replay : get back in time up to the last 2 minutes of your flight and resume Enhanced support for advanced airliners : QualityWings 787, PMDG 737 / 777 / 747, Majestic Q400 In-Game Dynamic Text during Replay : display and edit texts for the video replay PlayAsAI : record a movie from an AI aircraft point of view

Important improvements and new features have been added to the French airport of the Riviera : Nice Cote D’Azur  LFMN. JustSim scenery now benefits of the latest P3D4 technology and realistic visual effects like ground polygon, runway lighting, global optimization.. A small fee will be charged to update the scenery and get it into P3D4.

Captain Sim have good news for both P3D and FSX users who like the Boeing 757. For P3D4, the 757 Captain III has a new update HotFix 4, ready to download here. If you are still flying with FSX, then you too have now also the ability to fly the 757.

Quickly after the P3D v4.3 update release, various developers reacted to adapt their tools and addons for it. We can already name TOGA Projects with their EnvTex and EnvShade environment tools : the update is automatic with their own manager. Users of  FSFX ChasePlane, your popular camera addon is already compatible with P3D v4.3. Pilots owning the ultimate simulation of McDonnell Douglas MD-82 can be sure to use Fly The Maddog X with P3D v4.3, find the incremental update here, or the new full installer in your simMarket account.

The new update for Prepar3D V4.3 is clearly oriented towards performance and improvements : the dynamic lights management and the simulator stability are just some of the major enhancements. Find out more at the official announcement here.

Lionheart Creations has launched ‘Generation 2’ of the Learjet LJ24B package.  An extensive update that features tons of modifications and updates which includes modifications to sound management handling, coding to systems, better autopilot and fuel system management with coding improvements to the fuel system. Now compatible with P3D4.

The next business jets of Eaglesoft are being developed for 32bit simulators, P3D v3 and FSX, and will feature the Pro Line 21 avionics. After the new 32bit version of Citation XLS+ and the Challenger 605, they will move their products to the 64bit market of P3D4.

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