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httpv:// The forthcoming independent title Take On Helicopters from Bohemia Interactive is now available for pre-order at up to 25% off rate. Anticipated release is October of 2011. Built upon over 10 years of experience in cutting-edge simulator development, Take On Helicopters immerses players within beautifully rich landscapes and an authentic flight model. Seattle, Washington is richly detailed as the flying environment for this title. Take On Helicopters will offer: High fidelity flight dynamics model Richly modeled helicopters & cockpits Expansive & detailed environments Powerful & intuitive mission editor Multiplayer – co-op & competitive scenarios

Read on X-Plane 10 development blog, the latest topic explains how the global lighting and dynamic shadows should lead the scenery and aircraft makers to design more vertices than before, when they tended to use flat textures. The simulator engine will be able to handle the latest technologies for further realism in objects display, such realistic that flat textures used instead of real 3D shapes will be easily spotted and considered as shortcomings. In the same time, level of details and distance of display will have to be managed efficiently.

For the Tecnam Sierra in FSX and produced by Ants LSA Airplane, there is an update to version 1.2, directly found in your user account history of the shop. This small sports plane is for sale at simMarket, and has “now a new 296 GPS unit, autopilot, improved gauge lighting, a standalone Sierra Setup program to easily set user preferences as well as a number of bug fixes”.

If Christian Grill doesn’t sound familiar to you, TOPCAT should do. Serious simmers prepare their flight up to passengers, cargo and gross weight calculations for take-off and landing performance speeds reference at least. That’s what the good (old ?) TOPCAT does : even editing sheets, perfect. The same team is working on Professional Flight Planner X, a tool under development that “can be used with any flight simulator”, will feature NAT / PACOTs routes for transoceanic flights, and will integrate ETOPS/EROPS ! The same software will edit you the Take-Off and Landing performance calculation if you have TOPCAT installed. Read more…

Owners of flight planners tools and other FMC/FMGC equipped aircraft may update their navigation data through Navigraph Navdata service. In order to do so, you will need purchase credits at simMarket. Important, when you purchase a cycle, you can download any aircraft add-on or flight planner update of that cycle.

One of the top 10 most popular add-on for FSX and FS2004, bringing animated gates, vehicles, 3D marshaller, sounds in many airports world wide is Aerosoft AES. Its new version 2.12 now supports Nice Cote d’Azur X, Zurich 2012, Vilnius X, UK2000 Birmingham V2, and Newcastle but also ImagineSim Denver V2. As freewares supported airports, we find now Max Kraus’ Mauritius and Thaiflight Phuket. Next AES version should support Sim-Wings Anchorage, FlyTampa Athens and FlightBeam SFO v2.0. Sounds good right ?