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The CRJ-700 installed by default in P3D can be greatly updated for free thanks to 2Skies ProFlight package. It will receive new sounds, 4k textures on the exterior body and HD textures in the virtual cockpit. TrueGlass by TFDi Design is also integrated for super realistic effects of rain, ice with wiper simulation.

The following airports sceneries of FlyTampa have free updates including SODE animated jetways and improved groundwork : StMaarten and Saba : link to the update Toronto : link to the update Vienna : link to the update Boston : link to the update

Fly The Maddog X gets a new update version v1.1.0. The best seller from the beginning of this year 2018 will now have a better VNAV management for the vertical profile during descent. Other options or new features are added as well like an optional pause at the Top Of Descent, or options to activate / deactivate RealLight and TrueGlass.

Publisher of Aerofly Flight Simulator 2, Aerosoft announced a major update release for this sim. A new aircraft has been added : the Dash 8 Q400, and the Cessna 172 can have its engine started or stopped with an extensive engine simulation. Many more items are listed in the changelog.

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