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The Version 1.30 of A Guide to Flight Simulator focuses on an all-new tutorial for the fantastic TBM 930. This fast, dynamic and exciting aircraft packs a punch when flying thanks to its aerodynamic design. Because it features nice onboard equipment, retractable landing gear and also packs huge range and cruising altitude, we felt users of the guide would appreciate going beyond the smaller Cessna aircraft. The tutorial will take customers on a trip from Telluride Airport over to Aspen Airport, whilst navigating the dangerous terrain down below. Not only does the guide go over flying, but also how to…

It’s already online and the automatic download of the Patch #2 v1.8.3.0 will start at your next launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the download of the 15.69 Gb update, the main enhancements will affect the performance, and many aircraft avionics and systems have been fixed as well. The ATC, user interface and weather have a few fixes too. Microsoft and Asobo Studios will keep on preparing more updates, guided upon the community feedback.

Already in “final testing” phase, the next “Patch #2” for Microsoft Flight Simulator will bring important updates to the performance, ATC, dynamics with other systems and avionics for GA and airliner aircraft. Available “within 10 days” wrote Microsoft. “PATCH #2! Patch is finishing final testing. Being prepped for release. Patch will be released within the next 10 days. Full patch notes will be released with the patch. PATCH #2 HIGHLIGHTS (full patch notes will be released with the patch) Performance improvements ATC updates UI updates Aerodynamic updates Aircraft updates Cockpit visuals and animation updates General aviation system updates General aviation avionic…

Laminar Research announce the release of their final update  v11.50 for X-Plane After many months of beta-testing and integration development, Vulkan (PC) and Metal (Mac) are the new rendering APIs used by the graphics card for faster and enhanced visuals, instead of OpenGL. Most users should display higher framerates and less stutters when flying. Use the automatic update feature of X-Plane 11.

Light but appreciated enhancements have been added to Flight Crew A320 – currently 25% OFF at simMarket – for a better interaction with the FS2Crew Main Panel when you put Microsoft Flight Simulator window in focus. Other fixes affect the engines start sequence, and you can also specify the aircraft model that you are flying to get the respective VFE speed checks. That’s because the crew simulation add-on is also compatible with A318-A330 Airbus products of Aerosoft in P3D FSX. For FS2Crew PMDG 737 NGXu Edition – currently on sale 50% OFF at simMarket -, the latest update was only…

Back to school or back to the office for many of us in the community, and Leonardo developers team anticipated : they released a new update for all pilots using the 64bit products of Fly The Maddog X. You will need to download full installers from your customer account in order to fix all issues reported since the last Beta build.

The easy-to-use passengers simulation PACX of TFDi Design can support now Microsoft Flight Simulator. Your pilot career, the passengers simulations and onboard services can be simulated with hundreds of custom sounds with their efficient tool. The same product can be used also with other simulators, like P3D, X-Plane and FSX. In order to work flawlessly with MSFS, you have to download the latest build installer in Beta version from TFDi Design website. Login details and password are indicated in your order history details of your customer account at simMarket.

Yesterday evening, Microsoft released the official update for Flight Simulator. The game launcher displays the availability of the patch, sized 333.2 Mb. Not surprisingly, it was hard to connect to Microsoft servers and download the update in the first hours. Anyway, you can try to update directly over your current MSFS install. But in case of issues at launch after the update, it’s recommended to uninstall all files and proceed with a clean and full install. Here’s another link, for the Known Issues updated list.

The beautiful scenery of MK-Studios to depict Keflavik airport KIBF in Iceland, for P3D v5 and v4.5, has been updated to version 1.2. A few fixes and the addition of animated vehicles and people are the main items of this update. Note that ALL their products are on Sale, special Summer Wings 30% OFF until August 23rd. Changelog v1.2: Animated vehicles and people added in BIKF, Fixed BIAR satellite issue with watermask, Fixed BIIS satellite issue with watermask, Fixed flatten problem in BIIS, Custom mesh added in BIIS, Fixed exclusion problem.

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