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Professional Flight Planner X goes version 2.0 with a new and free update ready for download by all registered customers. New plotting charts and ETOPS map make part of the enhancements awaited by hardcore simmers who use this advanced flight planner editor for P3D, FSX, FS9, X-Plane, many airliners add-ons FMC and even with weather utilities.

The official Service Pack 1 for Fly The Maddog X is now released to the registered customers, it’s a free update for all simulators P3D4 64bit, or P3D3 / FSX 32bit. At Leonardo Software, the developers also mentioned their advanced simulation also supports P3D v4.4 and will receive soon PBR materials. What’s coming next ? The MD-83 and MD-88 are coming as a payware expansion to the current MD-82 simulation. They are already being tested at an advanced stage and may be released in December.

Lockheed Martin posted the awaited info about the new update v4.4 for Prepar3D. Among the new features, many simmers will appreciate the drawing distance and the addition of PBR support among the various enhancements. PBR means Physically Based Rendering, and it makes textures look like in real life with accurate lights effects. Significant changes will be visible between metal and non metal objects for example.

The Danish airport of Aalborg EKYT for P3D and FSX was already a very detailed scenery and Vidan Design improved it even further. WIth the new update v1.1, various animated 3D people, objects, and the addition of dynamic apron lights are now included.

The excellent Fly The Maddog X of Leonardo Software can be completed with FS2Crew Maddog X Reboot for the airline crew management and operations simulations. Bryan York of FS2Crew announced the incoming update version 1.6 with the following improvements : Updated to be fully compatible with SP1 released by Leonardo. Removed the “Cancel Checklist” command since it could cause permanent audio loss for some users. New voice commands: Select autobrake to off Select autobrake to minimum Select autobrake to medium Select autobrake to maximim Arm the autobrake Disarm the autobrake

Just a few days after the update release v3.3 for FS2Crew: Aerosoft Airbus Pro 64bit, it’s now the turn of their PMDG 737 NGX Reboot 64bit pack to be updated, v3.2. A few commands, operations and bugs have been fixed, see the following changelog to get all the details.

FSX pilots who are still using Ground Environment X have new updates to download for the advanced textures sets of Flight1. The respective products installers have been updated at simMarket too.

FS Effects is a tool published the American company Flight1. And it’s known for the pre-stall buffet or engine vibration effects for any aircraft of your collection. With the new version 1.02, they added a battery life extension, but also the throttle response and start-up time settings.

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