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Hans Hartmann and Aerosoft announce the release of the Service Pack 1a for the CRJ 700/900. Numerous issues found in the systems or the flight management have been fixed to improve the experience. Version / Rev 367 changelog : [Fixed] Pushbutton clickspots in P3D v4 VC models [Fixed] Differential Pressure going off limits when lower altitude is selected [Changed] Some changes with Nearest Lists (airports, VORs, NDBs, etc.) updating to avoid CTD on range change [Fixed] VNAV issue which cause “above” constraints to be handled as “at” constraints in descent phase [Fixed] MFD ADV page ignored L/R setting and…

Various fixes are included in the latest update v1.5 released by QualityWings for their Ultimate 146 Collection. It will avoid you to suffer Crash-to-desktop related with the TCAS, the autopilot systems and the aircraft dynamics are also impacted. Find all details here.

Let’s share some pics taken by Laminar Research before they release the latest version 11.30 of X-Plane. Since it’s available for the public, check by yourself the Autogen improvements in US, the landmarks in Dubai, the new ATC voice systems, and many more items in the update content according to the release notes.

Bill Womack has already prepared an update version 1.1 for his beautiful scenery of Portland KPDX published by FlightBeam Studios. The few fixes include some ground markings, the placement of taxiways hatch marks, addition of trees.

PMDG have released various updates yesterday for their 747-400 Queen Of The Skies II that will affect all pilots on all platforms. PMDG RainMaker for P3D4, additional features in the 747-8 electronic flight bag, compatibility for P3D v4.0 and v3.x, and numerous improvements including the performance aspect are included. Note that their next update will add PBR effects to improve again their 3D model, but that will be limited to P3D v4.4 users of course.

Users of FS2Crew and the PMDG 747-400 V2 have a major and free update v1.3 to download that will add the support of the latest PMDG 747-8. This support is only provided for P3D v4, not in FSX, and with some limitation, excluding the electronic check-lists management by the copilot. About Ultimate Ground Crew X project, the last screenshot shows the pushback tug in action.

The Italian airport of Bergamo published by Aerosoft in the Professional P3D4 series have an update. The latest version fixes issues related with buildings parts and night maps at the taxi stands. Changelog : Release Version P3D V4.x Photoground optimized in colors to fit better with Orbx Landclasses Reduced brightness of some NighttexturesAdd glow effects to the lightpoles at the apronChange of color and intensity to dynamic lights at apron some minor fixes Quick fix: LIGHT MAP for taxy signs Fixed disappearing buildings parts inside aeroclub areaFixed taxi stands night maps some times not working

The current scenery product was released March last year, and Aerosoft announce numerous enhancements and new features to come in the version 2 of Maastricht-Aachen. It will be a free update for the registered owners of version 1, but it will be compatible only with P3D4.4. New textures, higher resolution, new wet effects and PBR support are planned.

TOGA Projects team enhances again their EnvShade for P3D with the directional clouds lighting management. It’s compatible with PBR effects and the clouds receive light according to their position to the sun or to the moon at night.

Flight 1 and iFly teams have a beautiful Christmas gift for the registered pilots of their 747-400 : a Service Pack 3 for all users, from P3D down to FS9 and FSX too that will enhance the lateral and vertical navigation management. More important, the 747-8i is now added as a free update for current and future owners of the 747-400. The 3D model ships with other features visible on the pilots’ displays : integrated approach navigation, vertical situation display, airport map display, and required/actual navigation performance.

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