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Download the new update for the realistic Airbus A319 of ToLiss, the Build 1364 (Version 1.6.1) includes the following fixes : Fixed the excessive CPU consumption of the Equitime point function (increases fps)Fixed ground spoiler activation logic when deploying reversers- Improved the Dome lighting at nightFixed a flight plan caching issue leading to wrong airport identification at high latitudesWhen reloading a situation faults are now correctly reinstated or resetAdded triple click when the V/S protection mode engagesFixed A/THR arming logic for OEI Go aroundsFixed issues with the fault injection logics, when the ISCS remains on the fault injection page- Improved…

The new update 1.2 for KEYW airport in the Keys islands, gets the addition of the Antonov An-24, abandoned near the runway threshold. Update your MSFS scenery of Key West by FSdreamteam easily with FSDT Live Update tool if you purchased it at simMarket.

In the last Development Update blog post of Microsoft, their roadmap informs the community that we can expect the next Sim Update IV on May 20th. And the following Sim Update V will come near mid-July. About the next World Update V, this free set of detailed airports, points of interest and realistic landmarks will improve Nordic countries. Its release is planned on June 24th.

Unsurprisingly, the latest scenery of Paris Charles-De-Gaulle for P3D5 P3D4 has been very popular since its release at simMarket from Taxi2Gate. Many comments have since been raised from users asking for dynamic insights and more technical features, more dynamic animations. It seems that Taxi2Gate is already up to the task, for example preparing the integration of such dynamic lights at the poles around terminals and in front of remote parkings on the ramp.

In order to overfly and recognize more accurate and numerous buildings in the Austrian capital, Prealsoft suggests to order and install Vienna Landmarks for MSFS. And save money until May 01st, with 25% OFF discount. They updated their scenery to the version 1.2, which adds new points of interests, with quality textures, PBR effects and custom Autogen buildings too.

It’s in the top 5 best sellers of its category, the MSFS landmarks products, and Prealsoft quickly updated their Paris Landmarks title to ensure the compatibility with the official World Update 4. It will avoid double points of interest and new landmarks are planned. All their current products are on sale 20% OFF at simMarket until April 25th.

Both products of FS2Crew for MSFS have been updated and are also on sale 25% OFF at simMarket. Pushback Express v2.0 gets a fix for a parking brake issue with Aerosoft CRJ. And for Flight Crew A320 v1.5, you can assign hotkeys from the settings panel or adjust the window transparency until you get solid background. FS2Crew: Pushback Express updated to v2.0! Change Log: Corrects an issue that could affect the parking brake in the MSFS Aerosoft CRJ at the end of pushback.Hotkeys can be assigned directly via the Settings Panel. FS2Crew: Flight Crew A320 has been updated to v1.5!…

Airbus pilots who own the FSLabs products have an update for the A320-X family, with enhancements to the external lights and the virtual cockpit models. The complete content of this update v5.0.1.151 is detailed in their support forum here.

More improvements have been added to the T-45C Goshawk for MSFS in its last update v1.15. IndiaFoxtEcho edited the following changelog to let you know the exact items that they worked on. Changelog v1.15 : Improved TAWS logic for “Power, Power” audio cue, so that it does not play if throttle correction is not necessaryImproved TAWS logic for “Check Gear” audio cue, so that it does not play during Touch’n’go if the pilot retracts the landing gear below 500ftAdded automatic retraction of the launch bar if gear lever is not downRedone external sounds with jet rumble mixed-inImproved quality of internal…

The lead developer of Lionheart Creation listens to the customers feedback so he provided fixes for the bugs often reported, like the 3D pilot and transponder in the Trinidad TB-21 GT for MSFS. The next update will switch the gauge technology from 2D XML to 3D gauges, to improve again the realism and the performance.

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