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It is as popular as it is complex, the Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400 for P3D 64 bit supports now P3D5 too. The update is free and includes other improvements in the latest installer version 1.021 : P3D5 Support Weight on wheel detection logic improvements Shared cockpit interface stability fixes Fixed a crash of the FMS caused by certain Navaids Fix, related to the incorrect simulator rate with the new Windows 10 2004 update Dynamic flare, approach and taxi lights

Aerosoft officially made their CRJ Professional compatible with P3D5 by the release of the update v2.2 (SP1). Many improvements have been implemented at the same time, along the virtual cockpit adaptation to the new PBR features in P3D V5. Changelog Version (Service Pack 1) – Initial P3D V5 version: [Added] Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick support (shifted Idle position for throttle slider) [Fixed] P3D window focus gain/loss detection improved [Fixed] Better interception of legs following (INTC) legs [Fixed] Missing condition for LOC FMA indication to stop flashing [Improved] LOC tracking slightly improved [Added] FS2Crew trigger for ground power and ground air…

In order to ensure that both DC-3 and C-47 packages can be installed and flown flawlessly in P3D v5 and P3D v4, Aeroplane Heaven revised their PBR textures, special effects and starting routine. They have been patched and the latest files have to be redownloaded from your simMarket account.

This week at FS2Crew, the major update is for Ultimate Ground Crew X, that goes version 2.0 with Majestic Dash 8 support for its pushback. UGCX is back on sale 50% OFF at simMarket until June 30th. Another small update is also available for FS2Crew Qualitywings 787 Edition. By the way, they also announced that their next airliner edition will be for Aerosoft CRJ 700/900. FS2Crew changelog : “–>QualityWings 787: Version 1.2 is now current! *FO will now press ‘ND’ and ‘CDU’ on checklist completion. *Misc improvements. –>Ultimate Ground Crew X: Version 2.0 is now current! *Majestic Dash 8 Support.…

A2A Simulations and simMarket can now deliver the P3D5 free updates for the last remaining aircraft that were missing in the new Lockeed Martin flight sim : Accu-sim Spitfire MkI-II Captain of the Ship 049 Constellation Accu-sim P-51 Military The downloads have been automatically added in your customer account, select the respective order and you find it.

No less than 5 aircraft among Just Flight collection are now safe to fly in P3D5 with the latest installer waiting for your download at simMarket. Their respective owners can get their flying machine update for free, just log in at the shop and dig in your customer account history. One-Eleven 300/400/500 v1.07 HS 748 Propliner v2.03 DH.104 Dove & Devon v2.02 DH.104 Dove & Devon Livery Pack v2.02 F27 Fokker Friendship v2.02 L-1011 Tristar Professional v2.04

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