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Miscellaneous improvements have been implemented into the Norwegian airport and scenery of Trondheim-Værnes ENVA for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The jetways, VDGS system and terrain have been enhancements, and they fixed the dynamic snow not to appear in the terminal interior. Update v1.0.5.0 Changelog : Various terrain mesh adjustmentsDisabled dynamic snow build up inside terminal interiorsVarious improvements to VDGS:- Replaced VDGS with APIS system used at Trondheim.- VDGS now spawns at all equipped stands, not just the stand occupied by the user aircraft.Note that the guidance part of the system still only activates when ATC clears you to a stand.(*) Until…

For this airport near Marseille and Aix-en-Provence in France, LMT Simulation brings two improvements in the MSFS scenery with the update 1.03. First, you will see the addition of the Roquefavor aqueduct. And then at the airport itself, LFMA Aix-Les-Mille can take advantage of the optional removal of runway lights and PAPIs.

The promised update for the Austrian airport Zell Am See (LOWZ) has been finaly delivered by Gaya to MSFS users. Get it for free from your customer account and enjoy now full PBR and visual effects in the update v1.2. Updated ground layout to accommodate RWY26 extension.Ground areas now receive the full PBR and specular treatment.Fixed issues with windsocks.Fuel area is now active and working.The airport will now have ‘star’ on the world mapAdded PBR to parked cars. A number of miscellaneous bug fixes.

Opened in November 2020, the new runway 09C/27C is now also operational in P3D5 P3D4 for all users of the US airport scenery Chicago O’Hare designed by FSdreamteam. Just run FSDT live update to download the update. It’s the perfect time to complete your airports collection during the 35% OFF Season Sale at simMarket until January 04th. In the next weeks, MSFS pilots will also get the free update !

Captains of McDonnell Douglas MD-82, -83/-88 who enjoy the top realistic addonc Fly The Maddog have again an official update. Aircraft systems, graphics and effects improvements or fixes are listed in the forum Fly The Maddog X here. The full and updated installers are online at simMarket, among your customer downloads.

South World Scene worked on an update for their scenery of Antananarivo-Ivato Airport (FMMI) in Madagascar. Simply go to your customer account at simMarket to get the new files for P3D5 and P3D4. In the futur, after Or’Tambo in South Africa (FAOR) for P3D, they will start the design of MSFS sceneries, including FAOR and FMMI. FS2Crew released two updates for their PMDG expansions, one for the 747 QOTS II version (updated to Version 1.8.2), and the other one is of the NGX-U version (updated to 1.8). FS2Crew NGXu v1.8 Changelog : Removed three minute engine shutdown time requirement to run the “Shutdown Checklist” in Button Control mode. FS2Crew 747 QOTSII v1.8.2 Changelog : Engine start procedure updated if the start sequence is 3-4-2-1.  When calling for start on engine 1, the FO should no longer also start engine 4.

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