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Update for the popular airport of Thailand released by BDOaviation only a few months ago last September. Among the fixes for Phuket airport VTSP, the authors listed 3 items :  Elevation issue, offset ILS and Navaid, and restore lost database of surrounding area. Currently, all BDOaviation products are on sale, 25% OFF until January 31st.

Since its release a few days ago, FSDreamTeam already updated their EuroAirport (LFSB) Basel Mulhouse Freiburg to version 1.3 after other improvements like the belvedere spotting area that was in the first update v1.1. Just run FSDT Live update to get the latest version of this French airport that serves also Basel in Switzerland, and Freiburg in Germany. V1.3 changelog : EZY Terminal remodeled from scratch. NEW 3D Approach Lights (please allow to update the AFCAD, otherwise there will be two approach lights). Added the 3 Windsocks, a new custom animated object in full PBR textures.

For the most advanced Airbus simulation in the P3D4 market, I mean FSLabs A320-X and A319-X, you get the ultimate Pilot in Command simulation if you add FS2Crew on top of it. FS2Crew announce the launch of the update version 1.3 with the following changelog : “1. New Departure Brief Option to leave Flaps Up if taxing to a de-icing station. 2. Reset audio option revamped on the Audio Page. It’s vastly more robust now. If you ever find your FO audio has dropped, press this button to restore your audio. Audio can drop if your audio connection drops. This…

Pilots of the PMDG 737 NGXu and of Aerosoft Airbus have updates for their respective FS2crew products. All users should download them to get the latest version as they are considered as important updates. FS2crew announce at the same time that their next supported airliners add-ons will be the QualityWings 787 and the Aerosoft CRJ. Note that FS2crew Aerosoft Airbus Pro P3D4 is available via simmarket at 30% off until January 30th. It supports all A320 family aircraft and also the new A330 Professional.

A few items have been corrected and new content has been added to the Greek airport of Chania LGSA, located on Crete Island and published for P3D4 by Aerosoft. They edited the following video to showcase the result after the update of Chania !

The important Portuguese airport of Lisbon for P3D4 designed by MK-Studios has an update version 1.3. PBR improvements, new visual effects and the integration of SODE VDGS pack are listed in the full changelog. Change log: – New installer and scenery registration system, – Ground textures updated to PBR, – Building textures updated to PBR and improved, – SODE VDGS implemented (requires SODE VDGS pack), – New precipitation effect, – Lights/effects now based on native P3DV4 code, – Changed grass color to more dry, – Added red nav lights on the buildings, – New realistic dynamic lightning, – Small autogen…

P3D 4 users who own the complex simulation of the MD-82, with or without its expansion MD-83/MD-88, can download a nice update for Fly The Maddog X. They added the icing simulation, with progressive accumulation visible on the aircraft body and also a “better GSX de-ice service integration”.

A new and free update for EnvShade allows P3D simmers to control the depth of the shadows on the aircraft and in the virtual cockpit. TOGA Projects report they had many requests from pilots of the new PMDG 737 NGXu complaining that its virtual cockpit was too dark. Update Envshade tool with Envdir and you can now control the shadows effects to your preference.

Similar to the T-6 Texan and L-049 Constellation, the Comanche P3D of A2A Simulations also gets its Accu-Sim update to go Version Refer to the developers forum for complete information. Changelog Version : Added VR support for 2-D panel windows. Fixed mouse drag action on throttle, prop and carb heat levers. Fixed glideslope needle ‘off’ position on HSI. Improved auto cold-and-dark behaviour to reset engine temperatures to ambient conditions.

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