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We informed you that QualityWings recently upgraded their Ultimate 787 with a Service Pack 2. OldProp Simulations announced that their 787 Immersion effects package for this airliner has been updated to work flawlessly. By the way, the same happened to their Lear35 Immersion, it’s updated as well ! This one is an add-on for Flysimware Learjet 35.

It’s confirmed that you can use REX Environment Force and REX Sky Force with the latest update of P3D v4.5 Hotfix 2. Just download their respective updates with the following links. Environment Force : Sky Force:

Navigraph is proud to announce a major update to Navigraph Chart for iPad, now available for download in the App Store via this link. In this release (October 2019) we have included the ability to seamlessly overlay procedure charts on top of the interactive and scalable high and low airspace enroute chart. We have also built a procedure visualization which makes it very easy to find you way in and out of the airspace around an airport. This release also comes with an easy to use route calculator which finds the shortest path between airports respecting both North Atlantic Tracks…

Just released ! QualityWings developers have a new update for the Ultimate 787. Download the Service Pack 2 to add all of the following new items : Boeing 787-10 variantVATSIM Transponder compatibilityCustom SELCALEngine windmilling effectWheelchocksOption to customize PFD colors added (see documentation)New QW loadagent in EFBCustomized airline specific EFB graphics

Already existing for FSX and X-Plane, Drubware upgrades its tool FS Cabin Crew to add the compatibility with Prepar3D v4/v1. If you already have their tool, download the update in order use it also with with Prepar3D. Official website :

Sky Force, Environment Force and World Airports have all received Technical Updates from REX. Download the respective files here : Sky Force: Force: Airports: A few days ago, there was already the update 2.7.1 to enhance the pushback with Realtime Preview of your preset path. The clothes of the ground crew were also made variable upon the weather conditions. The latest upgrade for GSX adds now regional accents in English communications during pushback and de-icing operations (“British, Australian, German, Indian and Italian accents”). Available for both GSX and GSX Level 2 Expansion.

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