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The popular tool Fraps enables you to capture in-game videos, many simmers used it with more or less talent to showcase their preferred airport landing or aircraft. The latest version 3.4.5 fixed the problem of scrambling colors in some videos, and updated the loop recording mode.

If you’ve been interested in the Nice Cote d’Azur X trailer video posted a week ago, please pay attention to the following. FSX users can update their actual product from their shop, to benefit from the new features like AES lite animated vehicles. FS2004 customers have now the chance to enjoy it as well. Purchase at simMarket.

After a game session of Radar Chaos, or you have to go to sleep, or go back to work. Next time you’re about to play, you have an update to install first ! Addicted users will download it from the game menu to fix errors and add some details. The list of features is found on Big Fat Simulations’ blog. The free demo is here.

Apart from the latest Airac Cycle 1105 to update your FMS and planners navigation data, Navigraph informed us they support four addons more : aeroSystem 737 Avionics, EADT KLN 90B, JRollon Planes CRJ-200, and Prosim 737. The needed credits can be purchased at

As X-Plane goes version 9.69, the version 10 development keeps going. It will have a new world scenery database (OpenStreetMap OSM) far better for Europe, and even more detailed for USA. Add to this the database will be opened for users edits, to benefit to all other people.

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