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One of the biggest disappointments with FSX for scenery designers, when the sim was released umpteen-and-a-few years ago, was the fact that ACES neglected to include something called “conditional animations”. That means nothing to most people, but if I said “opening hangar doors”, “custom windsocks”, “piles of snow” and “this product is not compatible with DX10 preview mode” then that might mean a little more. Basically, if you wanted to include anything that animated outside of a simple loop, or only displayed given certain criteria, then you either had to use FS9 models and code, or write a complete module…

Today Jeff Balk released his tool FSXBox which gives Xbox controller users the ability to receive turbulence through vibrations on the controller. If you use a controller then you may want to take a look.

FSLoadMaster from PegasusWeb is an inexpensive, stand-alone, tool, allowing you to calculate fuel burn – and thus loading – for a wide variety of aircraft in the FS world. A new update to version 3, which is free to existing users, brings three new aircraft profiles, direct load of performance data from MSFS titles, an improved load page and more – all of which can be seen by visiting the product page, from where you can also download the current manual and tutorial for the package. FS2Crew have also got some PMDG news today, in the form of version 1.5 of their package for the Boeing 777 series. The new version brings, as you might note from the video, a French flight crew, as well as bug fixes and enhancements. If you already own the FS2Crew 777 package, then it’s a free upgrade. Otherwise, check the product out here, to add it to your collection.

X Plane X Passengers, or XPX Passengers, is a new add-on for XP10 running on Windows OSs only, allowing you to experience new interaction with a virtual first officer and cabin within the sim. The list of current functionality can be seen on the product page, but it should also be noted that the author has stated an intention to add more to this list in the future.

It’s time to run the FMS Data Manager again, or download all your files, if you are a subscriber to Navigraph’s FMS Data service, following the release of NavData Cycle 1505. There’s nothing new to announce with this update, other than the new cycle, but if you are out of credit for new cycles, don’t forget that you can purchase coupons at simMarket.

We missed this on the day of release, for which we apologise, but NXGN Simulations’ Livery Manager is a standalone application supporting FS9, FSX, P3D v1 and v2, which allows you to do exactly what the title implies! As well as allowing you to add, edit and delete liveries to your aircraft or simobjects libraries, you can check for common errors, change callsigns and other airline related information, plus more. Check it out here. FSPassengers is a well regarded add-on for both FS9 and X, bringing not only passengers, but also interactions with crew, plus career features, into your simulator experience. Now, available from simMarket, comes FSPassengersX 2015, allowing you to run the application in either or both Microsoft FSX DVD Edition, or FSX Steam Edition. If you have both, your FSPax career will cross both sim platforms. That’s not all though and you can find more details by clicking on the product page link, above.

Following a not inconsiderable open beta test period, HiFi Tech have formally released the latest version of their widely used Active Sky Next package, nominally referred to as Service Pack 2b (SP2B), but also version B5575, for both FSX and P3D. The changelist for version SP2B can be found on the developers’ website here, although the highlights include support for both Prepar3D v2.5 (including all current hotfixes) and FSX Steam Edition. Users should note, however, that this version does NOT support P3Dv2.4 and earlier, so Prepar3D users who have not upgraded to 2.5 should not use the latest ASN update, either. Additionally,…

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