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Browsing around Reddit I came across a post presenting a free command line tool written in Node.js. It enables the user to download publicly available FAA charts for every airport in North America via the command line and is thus named FAA-Chart-Downloader. Sure, one could just download necessary charts one by one with the internet browser. But I can’t deny that typing in a single ICAO code and pulling all the instrument procedure charts plus airfield diagram available for that airport is quite a bit more comfortable to me. Someone who satisfies his need for aviation charts with products from…

Before you fly a 767, a useful utility appeared at simMarket store : the B767 Takeoff Performance Calculator computes the V Speeds reference according to your flaps settings, your airport runway and the assumed temperature. The author Nikola Jovanovic has other specific programs for more aircraft types : Boeing 737, 787, 777..

Use your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) as a remote CDU for PMDG is possible thanks to Mark Foti. He has released the version 2 that adds the support of PMDG 777 beside the 737 NGX. A full licence requires you to pay 5 EUR.

One of the biggest disappointments with FSX for scenery designers, when the sim was released umpteen-and-a-few years ago, was the fact that ACES neglected to include something called “conditional animations”. That means nothing to most people, but if I said “opening hangar doors”, “custom windsocks”, “piles of snow” and “this product is not compatible with DX10 preview mode” then that might mean a little more. Basically, if you wanted to include anything that animated outside of a simple loop, or only displayed given certain criteria, then you either had to use FS9 models and code, or write a complete module…

Today Jeff Balk released his tool FSXBox which gives Xbox controller users the ability to receive turbulence through vibrations on the controller. If you use a controller then you may want to take a look.

FSLoadMaster from PegasusWeb is an inexpensive, stand-alone, tool, allowing you to calculate fuel burn – and thus loading – for a wide variety of aircraft in the FS world. A new update to version 3, which is free to existing users, brings three new aircraft profiles, direct load of performance data from MSFS titles, an improved load page and more – all of which can be seen by visiting the product page, from where you can also download the current manual and tutorial for the package. FS2Crew have also got some PMDG news today, in the form of version 1.5 of their package for the Boeing 777 series. The new version brings, as you might note from the video, a French flight crew, as well as bug fixes and enhancements. If you already own the FS2Crew 777 package, then it’s a free upgrade. Otherwise, check the product out here, to add it to your collection.

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