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New FSFlyingSchool2009 Updates

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FSInventions announced a new version of its FSFlyingSchool2009 add-on for FSX and FS2004. “…. Version 2.3 introduces a built in free demo of their new product: FSFlyingSchool2009 Cessna 172 Detail Pack. With the addition of the optional FSFlyingSchool2009 Cessna 172 Detail Pack, your instructors will be looking at your aircraft…


Carenado’s 172 Now Floats Too

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We mentioned it before already, Carenado is chopping up its packages and selling all bits and pieces separately. So now you have to choose whether you buy a Cessna 172 on wheels, or on skis, or on floats….. or get them all and  pay almost 49 Euros for the complete…


Review: Carenado Cessna 172N Skyhawk II

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If you went to an aircraft designer and said “Build me an all round plane that is good for learning to fly in, gives you a good look at the scenery, is safe and reliable and will ferry a small family around on sightseeing trips at a reasonable price…” what…