New FSFlyingSchool2009 Updates

fsflyingschoolFSInventions announced a new version of its FSFlyingSchool2009 add-on for FSX and FS2004.
“…. Version 2.3 introduces a built in free demo of their new product: FSFlyingSchool2009 Cessna 172 Detail Pack.
With the addition of the optional FSFlyingSchool2009 Cessna 172 Detail Pack, your instructors will be looking at your aircraft and your performance in your Cessna 172 in a lot more detail. It also includes a number of Cessna 172 checklists you can request to be read by your chosen instructor…..”.

“….. If you want to fly the world with the Cessna 172 Detail Pack you can purchase a FSFlyingSchool2009 Cessna 172 Detail Pack registration key and enter it into your registered version of FSFlyingSchool2009. Modeled on the Cessna 172 included with Flight Simulator, it can be used with any Cessna 172.

Just some of the dozens of different aspects of flight which will cause your instructor to talk to you, with specific reference to the Cessna 172, include: start-up, taxi, run-up, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, landing, shutdown, correct “v” speeds, use of flaps, fuel quantities and range, and use of battery, alternator, fuel selector, fuel cut-off, ignition key, fuel pump, and a whole lot more.

To find out more, watch movies, download demo, etc, visit the FSFlyingSchool Website at…”.

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