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FeelThere – Embraer E-Jets V2 – 175 & 195 P3D4

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Fly both the Embraer 175 and 195 with a new generation flight deck in P3D4 designed by FeelThere. Their complete pack features advanced functionalities like the FADEC, and the realistic autopilot with Stall and Overspeed recovery. Other systems needed by simmers are also here : TCAS II, EGPWS, FMS and…


Synchro-soft soundset for Cessna 195 FSX

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httpv:// If you own a virtual Cessna 195 for FSX, you deserve a very realistic soundset. Play the above video to get astonished by the audio ambience that will vibrate in your speakers.

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Flysimware C195 hops across to P3D

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Flysimware have released a version of their Cessna 195 2012 package , rebranded and set up for use with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. The package is basically identical to that already available for FSX, but although th majority of the sims is next to identical, the differences can occasionally cause problems…

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FlySimWare Cessna 195-X 2012

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Newly released for Microsoft FSX with SP2 is FlySimWare’s Cessna 195-X 2012 package, featuring both ground and aquatic models of the 1940/50s American classic aircraft. Created as a modernised aircraft, the package features current-world avionics alongside the original ‘steam driven’ instrumentation and comes in four paint schemes. It is also…