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FlyByWire A32NX – New Feature PROG Page

By 0 320 Sim Pilot is an actual pilot on the Airbus airliner and he publishes very regularly tutorial videos flying the A32NX Freeware add-on. We have selected the above video in order to introduce the new bearing and distance features found in the PROG page of the MCDU enhanced by…


FS2Crew – Development for FBW A32NX MSFS

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It’s probably still the most used airliner in MSFS because the A320 has always been very popular, and also thanks to FlyByWire Simulations who provides their advanced and freeware package based on the default Airbus. FS2Crew announce their first complete airline crew simulation add-on for MSFS is developed for the…


FS2Crew – MSFS Project for Fly By Wire A32NX

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FS2Crew announce the development of a new MSFS add-on, and it will be an airline crew simulation designed for the Fly By Wire A32NX, itself based on the default MSFS Airbus A320 Neo but much more improved, with more realism, MCDU pages, realistic features and this aircraft is freeware. That’s…