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ActiveSky for P3D V4

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As popular as it is efficient, Active Sky for P3D V4 fully integrated with enhanced visibility depiction and turbulence effect will come as a free update for all registered customers of the current Active Sky 2016 P3D. That’s not all, the environment and textures pack Active Sky Cloud Ard will…

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ActiveSkyNext released!

By 0 As it says in the video above, developers HiFi Tech refer to their latest release, Active Sky Next, as being “a weather revolution”. In development for three years, the package brings with it an entirely new depiction method, less complex setup and controls, plus a whole host of new…

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HiFi Sim AS2012 SP2 Public Beta

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HiFi Simulations have today announced that the beta of their next Service Pack for ActiveSky 2012 has been released for public testing. The new build includes a number of enhancements and additions to the textures, weather generation and presentation, but also brings formal support for Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D to the previously…


Active Sky 2012 announced

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The future of Active Sky has been revealed by Damian Clark of HiFi Technologies : Active Sky 2012 will install 16Gb of HD environment textures, bring better depiction of storms, bahave with enhanced performance, and bring other improvements. Read all about it here. They wish to be able to release…


Active Sky Advanced SP1 Released

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Damian Clark of HiFi Simulations reports that “…… Active Sky Advanced SP1 has been released!  This new version of the popular weather engine for Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X adds many more features and enhancements, as well as fixes for many bugs in the original release version.  ASA…