Tag: Aegean Sea

Aerosoft – Mykonos V2.0 Update MSFS

Fly again to Mykonos LGMK and discover the new update V2.0 with numerous improvements, airport updates, and fixes of previous bugs. In MSFS, the free

JustSim – Milas-Bodrum Airport MSFS

Milas-Bodrum LTFE is a Turkish airport that will often give the opportunity to overfly the Aegean Sea on final approach or after takeoff. And if

JustSim – Bodrum MSFS Incoming

After Linz LOWK and Larnaca LCLK, the next scenery of JustSim for MSFS will invite us to Turkey : Bodrum-Milas LTFE is located between Antalya

FlyTampa – Athens MSFS

Event of the weekend, a new release by FlyTampa ! They have redone Athens LGAV, the capital city airport of Greece, for MSFS. They included

FlyTampa – Greek News MSFS

FlyTampa is currently working on 2 products for MSFS, both in Greece. They are designing from scratch Corfu with its airport LGKR, and Athens LGAV

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