iniBuilds – iniScene Chios Island National LGHI MSFS

When you order iniBuilds’ iniScene Chios Island National LGHI for MSFS, you receive a very detailed spot in Greece in the Aegean Sea and very close to Turkish coastline. Fly over the beauty of Chios Island National Airport improved with numerous objects spread in the surroundings of the airport, including shops, boats, vegetation, barriers, with breathtaking accuracy.

Available for purchase and download at

The scenery features high-quality textures and custom-made objects that make the airport and the surrounding areas look extremely realistic. The airport has been optimized to work well with MSFS, so you can enjoy smooth and fluid performance even on lower-end systems.

This airport can receive private flights with general aviation aircraft, or you can also simulate 737 and A320 operations because the runway and tarmac can serve handle aircraft.

This add-on is definitely worth checking out. And it’s easily installed with Siminstaller, directly into MSFS community folder upon payment at SIMMARKET.

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