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SimFly.EU – Up for Auction

By 0 must be one of your FS related bookmarks. Usually, we don’t think about the office behind the sites we visit, but the actual owner put it for sale so if you were looking for web investment…” all of its applications and data is available for purchase via public auction…

Press Releases

AFTS 2.7 is Officially Launched

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“SimFly.EU announce its public release of AFTS 2.7 – AFTS (Advanced Flight Tracking Client) is the ability to send live flight telemetry data from your simulator into the internet so that it can be used for a variety of tracking purposes and brings the fairly solitary sport of flying from…

Freeware News

SimFly.EU Announce AFTS for FS2004

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SimFly announces “…… SimFly.EU and its very popular AFTS system have had high demand from its users to produce a version that is backward compatible with FS2004. We are pleased to announce that after a great deal of testing this software is available now…..”.