AFTS 2.7 is Officially Launched

“SimFly.EU announce its public release of AFTS 2.7 – AFTS (Advanced Flight Tracking Client) is the ability to send live flight telemetry data from your simulator into the internet so that it can be used for a variety of tracking purposes and brings the fairly solitary sport of flying from being a single player game to an immersive online experience. “

“AFTS 2.7 is free to use all you need to do is download it from here and ensure you have a free SimFly.EU user account which will enable you to install and be tracking within minutes.

If you already use AFTS then your client will update automatically on its next launch.

The team at SimFly.EU work very hard to bring you these innovations free of charge, if you are able to help out financially then we have product packs you can purchase to make your online experience that little bit better, these are available via the SimFly.EU Shop.”

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