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LatinVFR – AREX Global MSFS Official Trailer

By 0 It’s a convenient idea from LatinVFR to bundle their different AREX regions in a single Global product for MSFS to cover all airports in the world. Watch here the new official video. Airport Regional Environment X is the solution to replace the default airport vehicles with new ones, more…


AES v2.30

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No new airport supported in this update for AES of Oliver Pabst and Aerosoft. But new features yes ! New vehicles, new staff animations, enhanced detections and more. Check the notes for complete details, they can be seen from the product page where you purchase credits.


AES now in version 2.13

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Oliver Pabst made available the new version 2.13 of AES. Now it supports FlyTampa Athens, FlightBeam KSFO v2, the not released yet Sim-Wings’ Anchorage and various FSDT updates and releases. Download the free basic version and purchase the needed credits for more airports support at


Aerosoft – AES v2.12

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One of the top 10 most popular add-on for FSX and FS2004, bringing animated gates, vehicles, 3D marshaller, sounds in many airports world wide is Aerosoft AES. Its new version 2.12 now supports Nice Cote d’Azur X, Zurich 2012, Vilnius X, UK2000 Birmingham V2, and Newcastle but also ImagineSim Denver…


If The Trainsimmers Can Have Them……

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‘Them’ being animated characters, that is, then why CAN’T WE !!?? I am pretty sure there is a ‘market’ for much better detailed and animated people in the FSX world. Early attempts were made in the times of Orcas Island and the products of Bill Lyons, and now in FSX…