If The Trainsimmers Can Have Them……

‘Them’ being animated characters, that is, then why CAN’T WE !!?? I am pretty sure there is a ‘market’ for much better detailed and animated people in the FSX world. Early attempts were made in the times of Orcas Island and the products of Bill Lyons, and now in FSX we have the default ones and some from Aerosoft. But in Train Simulator 2 we will get REAL characters apparently! Since it uses the same (FSX) engine, we should be able to have ‘ours’ too, may already now !! Check out an interesting article here !

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  1. Hi,

    I think you got it all wrong.

    Train Sim 2 does NOT use the same technique as FSX. But on the other hand, FS11 will use some parts of the graphic engine that Train Sim 2 uses.

    As soon as FS11 will be released, FSX will be a forgotten and buried sad story, since the new simulator will have a completely new platform / graphic engine that wont be backcompatible with anything earlier. That is why FSX will be a forgotten story soon after FS11 will see the daylight.

    Anyway, that is what has been said on various blogs lately.

  2. As much as I like rumors myself, as long as I haven’t received confirmation from my sources at MS, I’ll stick to the ‘official news’ for now: 😉

    As to your remark on FS11….. I believe you got THAT all wrong. But I’ll be able to (not) tell you as soon as we get our hands on the first Beta again 🙂

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