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NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion FSX P3D

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httpv:// There are hundreds of cockpit sounds in the NGX Sound Immersion pack for PMDG 737. Immersive Audio brings realistic and high fidelity audio for each lever, switch, trim wheels or even the CDU buttons actions. Watch the video and hear the difference.


Flight1 – Audio Environment – General Aviation Edition

By 0 Created by Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) for Flight1, the General Aviation Edition of Audio Environment upgrades drastically your sound experience in FSX. It comes with 8 soundsets for default aircraft of FSX and also new sound effects.

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Sonic Solutions Skycrane Soundpack – v2

By 0 If you’re a user of the FSX  Nemeth CH-54A/S-64E Skycrane pack and feel that the sounds need a little boost, then here’s a product that should fill the gap. Sonic Solutions produced an original sound pack for possibly the most aptly named helicopter in aviation history a while ago,…


FS Cabin Crew Spanish set

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After the English and German Editions, FS Cabin Crew will receive a Spanish set soon. Announced on Tweeter, the next Spanish Edition should be available as a complete package if you just want Spanish announcements, or as a Spanish Pack if you want to add it to English and or…


FS2Crew – 737 NG audio ground school

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With a “user-friendly and intuitive user-interface”, the 737 NG audio ground school will learn you in depth the aircraft systems. Perfect for hardcore flight simmer and even professional pilots, your guide is an actual B737 Captain. He will teach you the Switches, Controls and Systems of the NG.