Immersive Audio – JT8D Immersion Soundpack – Maddog X P3D

If you are piloting FLY THE MADDOG X from Leonardo Software on P3D, don’t dismiss the JT8D Immersion Soundpack from Immersive Audio, which significalty increase the immersion of this gorgeous plane.

This soundpack gives you the closest JT8D-200 audio experience you can get on a flight simulator. The soundpack comes with two engine sound versions – Immersive and Authentic.

  • Immersive version is practically a passenger cabin experience, recorded from a seat next to the engine(s). 
  • Authentic version is simulating how the engines are heard from the flight deck, of course if realistic engine sound volume values are used.

Pay €13.80 excl. VAT to get this immersive sound pack with the following features:

  • Completely authentic JT8D-200 high definition sounds.
  • Two versions of engine sounds included – customers practically get two soundpacks in one! 
  • Both version have completely distinctive sounds, including startup and shutdown. 
  • Characteristic thump sound during engine startup, authentic compressor bass and iconic engine buzz.
  • Highly accurate external engine sounds with full sound cones.
  • High quality groundroll sound.
  • Wind noise
  • Optimized sounds for Buttkicker and other bass-shakers
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