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AviaCDU and AviaOverhead Support PMDG 737-800

By 0 aviaCDU and aviaOverhead from Aviaworx have been updated to make them compatible with PMDG’s latest released 737-800 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. With this update, the Aviaworx products are compatible with the entire range of the PMDG 737 family that have so far been released: the 737-600, -700 and now…


Aviaworx – AviaCDU MSFS

By 0 It’s now possible to display and remote control your CDU in Microsoft Flight Simulator on your mobile device. You need AviaCDU from Aviaworx, and in your device browser, AviaCDU connects to their server that lets you have your hands on the CDU of Aerosoft CRJ in MSFS for example.