AviaCDU and AviaOverhead Support PMDG 737-800

aviaCDU and aviaOverhead from Aviaworx have been updated to make them compatible with PMDG’s latest released 737-800 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. With this update, the Aviaworx products are compatible with the entire range of the PMDG 737 family that have so far been released: the 737-600, -700 and now -800.

aviaCDU allows users to interact with the aircraft’s MCDU from any mobile device (Apple, Android, Windows Mobile, etc) for a more immersive experience. Apart from PMDG’s 737, aviaCDU also supports Aerosoft’s CRJ as well as the Maddog MD-82 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

aviaOverhead adds a similar functionality to interact with the 737’s overhead panel and can be used on any touch-enabled device, a perfect add-on to cost sensitive pilots wanting more realism.

All aviaworx products can be tested at no cost with free demo that can be downloaded from

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