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Carenado – B58 Baron XP11

With its 4K textures with PBR effects, your computer seat will feel like an actual leather seat of a Baron B58 ! Carenado designed FMOD

Further Carenado updates for XP10

Once again, we have a swathe of updates from Carenado to their X-Plane fleet to announce as available today, with no fewer than five aircraft

Carenado – B58 Baron FS2004

Beige leather, comfort for 4-5 passengers plus the pilot, suitable for tourism and business transport, the Baron B58 is also a guarantee of reliability if

Carenado B58 announced for FS9

Another project announced by Carenado is launched for FS2004 platform. It will be the Baron 58 and its first exterior screenshots can be loaded when

Carenado’s B58 Baron for X-Plane

Carenado have released their latest product for X-Plane to resellers, in the form of the Beechcraft B58 Baron. The package comes with an extensive features

Carenado – B58 Baron FSX

If you consider a single engine aircraft doesn’t fly fast enough, the new B58 Baron by Carenado may suit better your needs. Jump in the

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