More product updates from Carenado (Update)

3DKnobTechUpdates have been released for three of Carenado‘s models, one for X-Plane and two for the MSFS series.

For MSFS pilots, the SR22GTSX (shown above) and CT182T Skylane G1000 have received updates patches and fixes, where the major improvements are added 3D knobs technology for operating the G1000 and performance improvements in the G1000, while X-Plane pilots get version 2 of the B58 Baron twin. The B58 v2 adds 64-bit and X-Plane 10.21+ support to the package, along with adding new sounds, recorded directly from a real aircraft.

Customers who purchased their aircraft via simMarket should log into their account and download the updates via the links to the appropriate order or product.

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